Roll the Dice!

two dice showing six on a yellow background

“Roll the dice, Macy!”
“But… but… I’m almost naked!”
Brett laughed. His baritone echoed off the walls. His eyes twinkled as he looked at the half-naked woman in front of him.
“Don’t worry,” he said, a smile playing around his lips, “with a bit of luck you might get to put something back on.”

Macy’s blushed deepened. Here she was with only her bra and panties still on, and Brett was still fully clothed. A couple of times she had seen him devour her with his eyes, almost like he thought he could tear her underwear off by just looking at her. This was not what she envisioned when she suggested to play a ‘naughty’ game. What she wanted was for both of them to slowly get naked, with the help of the dice, but Brett just kept on winning and took great delight in urging her on to take off yet another piece of clothing.

“Are you going to throw the dice?” Brett asked, still smiling. He was teasing her, and she knew it. To be honest, she didn’t mind that much taking her bra off, but taking her panties off was another thing. What if… what if… if he saw… what if he saw… saw… that… that she was wet? Oh the humiliation! What would he even think of her that a simple game of dice got her all wet and horny?

Macy picked up the dice, and held them in the palm of her hand. She rolled them around a bit, stalling and building courage. Not to throw the dice, but to take her bra off. With her luck tonight she would soon be naked. With a deep sigh and her eyes closed, she rolled the dice. Macy didn’t dare opening her eyes until she heard Brett say: “Well, well, look at that. A double six. So now I have to take off two pieces of clothing! What are you trying, young lady, to get me naked all at once?”

His teasing didn’t stop there. He opted to take off his socks, which technically counted for two items.
“So. You can throw the dice again because of your double six,” Brett said with a smile.
Macy rolled the dice again and clapped her hands when she saw another six on one of them. Yes, the other was a five, but at least she got Brett to take off another item of clothing. She almost drooled when he took off his shirt. It seems her luck has turned. Where she has only two items of clothing left, he now too had the same number – his jeans and underpants. But, the next roll of the dice was Brett’s. She kept her eyes on the dice and almost squealed when a four and a three appeared on the dice. No six, so she got to keep her underwear on. She grabbed the dice and rolled, and lo and behold, another six, this time paired with a three.

Macy turned her head to Brett and caught his eye. The twinkle was still their and not breaking eye contact with her, he slowly stood up undid the buttons of his jeans and pushed them down. She almost gasped when she saw that his cock was half-erect, and realized that she was stupid to be ashamed of her own arousal. He was as excited as she was.

Only wearing his boxer shorts, Brett rolled the dice again. This time there was a six. Not one though. Two.
“You know what that means,” Brett said.
“Yep,” Macy said matter-of-fact, “my luck has run out.”
“Oh that’s not how I see it?”
“What do you mean?”
“Take off your underwear and I will show you what I mean.”

Macy unhooked her bra behind her back and slowly took it off. She was too nervous to even look at Brett, and too nervous to stand up and take her panties off. Hooking her thumbs in the fabric and wriggling her butt and hips, she pulled her panties down. Once they were around her ankles, she kept her gaze down. It was only when Brett put his finger under her chin that she dared to look at him. He leaned forward to kiss her, and that was when she realized he was naked too.

It seemed to be her lucky day after all.

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11 thoughts on “Roll the Dice!

  1. I wondered if anyone would use the prompt of ‘Luck’ in this fashion as I fondly recall the popular 1970’s book Diceman by Luke Rhinehart

  2. Hot and sweet! I love the line, “She almost gasped when she saw that his cock was half-erect, and realized that she was stupid to be ashamed of her own arousal.”

  3. Oh yes . . . and I’m sure they both soon forgot about rolling any more dices !!!

    It is fun to play teasing games from time-to-time though isn’t it !!!

    Xxx – K

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