Too hot to handle…

I didn’t think I would write a post on rubber, PVC and latex, but I want to share my thoughts, so bear with me…

I am intrigued by leather wear, and just as intrigued by look of rubber, PVC and latex. Of course I have worn leather before, but not in the kink scene, as that is just not my thing. I prefer softer fabrics, and fabrics I can move and breathe in. Leather though, as in a skirt or a jacket is okay to wear as day clothes, and I do feel damn sexy when I do. To be honest, I do prefer a skirt to a jacket. Since I quickly feel warm (it was like this even before menopause started), a jacket quickly seems to ‘suffocate’ me, which means I walk with it draped over my arm longer than I actually wear it. This must be the reason why I currently don’t own a leather jacket, but I do have a couple of (fake) leather skirts. Those I love to wear, and I love the feeling of them hugging my bottom.

You would say that this should mean that I also like to wear rubber, PVC or latex, but I don’t. I have never tried, and I know I will never try, because even only the thought of it seems to make me feel cramped. I know that it takes some skills to put on latex clothing, and I suspect that it will be the same with the other two. This means that if I would ever want to try it, by the time I have squeezed my body into it, I will be so overheated that all I would want is to take it off again.

Sometimes, in the middle of winter, wearing normal clothes with my winter coat, I get so warm that I take my coat off and sometimes walk around with bare arms. My body seems to overheat, and that makes me panic, as it also makes me feel light-headed. I am and have always been afraid of fainting, so much so that in a period when my blood pressure dropped to scary lows (70/50), I never fainted. I always fought the feeling. Being overheated from within, and wearing too many clothes make me feel panicky, which might be the sole reason why I would never even try to wear rubber, PVC or latex clothing.

One day, in a sex store in the middle of the Netherlands, I stood looking at the latex clothing and I seriously loved the beautiful dresses hanging there. I touched the ‘fabric’ and was surprised at how soft and smooth and velvety it felt, and I admired the woman who was fitting some of the dresses and how beautiful she looked. Still, despite this, there was no desire in me at all to try one of the dresses on too.

No, rubber, PVC or latex are things I can really appreciate it when I see it on photos, or even see someone wearing it ‘in real life’, but I have absolutely no desire to have those ‘materials’ cover any part of my body.

That said, recently Francesca Demont showed off a lovely latex blouse, and a latex bikini, and those definitely intrigue me… a LOT!

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4 thoughts on “Too hot to handle…

  1. I understand your thoughts. I want to like latex but getting into something that’s so icy cold only to then turn into something that makes me all sweaty and feeling yuk isn’t my idea of fun!

  2. I have to add a me too….I overheat too much to even consider trying to wear any of that. I have a leather jacket that I have to wear light clothes under or it is too hot.

    Great post!

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