Hotel Fun (4)

Continued from… Hotel Fun (3)

Even though Claire’s ass was filled with the cum of another man, and she had her own orgasm, her pussy ached to be touched. Her husband untied her feet, while the visitor took another shower. Claire wondered whether the men had more in stall for her. She was so horny that she didn’t care anymore what they did to her. All she wanted was to have one big, releasing orgasm. With her feet and hand untied, she had her freedom back; freedom to touch herself.

“Suck me,” her husband said, standing next to the bed.

She squatted in front of him, her legs spread. Claire pulled his pants down to his knees and took his half-hard penis in her mouth. The familiar taste of his precome covered her tongue. Her lips closed around his member. She sucked. She licked the head of his cock, moved her hand up and down, then opened her mouth to take all of him in. Sucking. Licking. He grew harder in her mouth.

“Get on the bed, on your knees,” he ordered, and she did.

Claire thought that he was going to fuck her, but he surprised her by walking to the dresser and returning with a vibrator. It pressed against her ass, where Hugo’s semen still leaked from. He stretched her hole again, fucking her with the vibrator. Claire moaned as another climax overwhelmed her. More, she thought, I want more. Her shoulders rested on the bed; her bottom up in the air. She begged her husband to fuck her. Claire needed the release. A loud sigh escaped her mouth when his cock finally slipped into her pussy. The vibrator still fucked her ass. Being fucked in both holes, Claire just surrendered to the the sensations rushing through her body.

Suddenly her husband grabbed her hair and pulled. Her back arched. Her tits poked out to the naked man standing in front of her – the visitor had returned from the shower. Her lust was mirrored in his eyes. He got down on the bed, and positioned himself half under her, taking her nipples in his mouth. He sucked and bit and sucked and bit. Claire liked the rough way he played, and her moans encouraged him to go on. Her husband pounded her pussy; the vibrator her ass. Hugo bit her tits, and the harder he did, the more Claire moaned. A mixture of pain and pleasure ignited a fire deep inside her. A fire that will burn intensely and which would only be extinguished by one of her body-consuming orgasms.

But something was still missing.

Claire needed more. She wanted more.

She moved a hand to her pussy, but her husband grabbed her wrist and trapped her arm on her back. Now only supported on one arm, she couldn’t move. Hugo moved in under her and could just barely reach her clitoris with his tongue. The fire in her was fed. Her husband slowed his pace, wanting her to last just a bit longer. He turned the knob on the back of the vibe, starting the vibrations, and leaving it in place, not fucking her with it anymore. Gradually he quickened his fucking pace again. The man under her stopped his licking attempts and replaced his tongue with a finger. He spread the juices running from her pussy to her clitoris and softly circled it. At the same time, with his other hand he pinched her nipples, first the one, then the other.

“Fuck me,” Claire sighed.
Her husband did. The toy vibrated in her ass.

“Pinch me,” Claire begged.
Hugo complied. He pinched her nipples. Pulled on them. Twisted them. Claire moaned. Her husband pulled her head back a little more.

It hurt. Her nipples. Her hair being pulled. It hurt.

It felt good. Being hurt. Being fucked. Being used by two men.

“Fuck! “Me!”

The hand on her clitoris had a firm touch. Her husband fucked her hard. Her ass was filled. A familiar tingle started somewhere in her lower limbs. The pain in her nipples changed to a tingle too. A burning sensation filled her tummy. The feelings surged through her body towards her pussy. Her cunt muscles contracted, tightening around her husband’s cock. He moaned as he climaxed deep in his wife’s cunt. Feeling the contractions of his penis, his warm cum, and hearing his primal moans…

“I am going to cum. I am going to cum. Oh god. Oh my god. “I am…”
At last, the relief she begged for.
She moaned.
She grunted.


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  1. There is something so sweet and beautiful about wanting … needing … to feel him inside one’s pussy even after all that other lovely pleasure. I can relate. ?

  2. I love that finale! Not sure about 2 guys but the wanting to come! I love that feeling and begging for it!

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