Hotel Fun (3)

Continued from… Hotel Fun (2)

Hugo appeared from the bathroom — wet from the shower and naked. His dick was half hard, betraying his excitement. Her husband motioned for him to go ahead, and the invitation was accepted immediately. Claire glanced down as she felt the bed move. Hugo was on the bed, staring down on her spread pussy and the butt plug in her ass. Seeing the unmistakable longing on his face hardened her nipples even more. He didn’t look at her face, but put his mouth to her clit, licking and sucking it lightly. But only for a moment. He kissed her pussy, then got off the bed and smiled down at her. Hugo awkwardly stepped over her, positioning his legs on either side of her and then he bent his knees, offering his cock to her mouth while supporting himself on the headboard.

Claire opened her mouth and licked the tip of his wet penis — wet from water or wet from his own juices? She carefully sucked on the head of his penis, hating the fact that she could not touch it. She wanted to be in control, wanted to be able to determine how deep he pushed into her mouth. With her hands bound she was at his mercy. Somewhere in the back of her mind she registered her husband’s movements. He was snapping away with his camera, and she understood that the video camera might be running too. The visitor slowly started to fuck her mouth. Claire relaxed. She sucked, she licked, she enjoyed. However, when he pushed in a bit deeper, she wanted to turn her head away.

“Tilt your head back,” the man spoke for the first time. She looked up at him to say something, in the process tilting her head back. He used this opportunity to push deeper and fuck her mouth. Claire closed her lips around his penis, trying to suck him, but eventually only offering him a hole to fuck. Where at first she wanted to pull away, wanted to prevent him from making her gag, now all she could think about that she wanted someone to touch her cunt. Or to pinch her nipples. Anything. All she wanted was to be touched.

Suddenly he pulled all the way out of her mouth, stepped back over her legs, and bent his knees awkwardly while still holding onto the headboard. His hard cock easily slipped into her waiting pussy. Claire moaned. She needed to be fucked hard, but he moved in and out at a leisurely pace. His balls swung against the butt plug and the movement of the toy gave an extra sensation to him fucking her. She glanced at her husband, who was still taking pictures. He smiled at her. Claire saw his excitement – his cock was as hard as that of the man fucking her. She knew how much he liked to watch when another man fucked her. Hugo quickened his pace a bit and then suddenly pulled out of her pussy, only to push his cock back into her mouth moments later. She tasted herself on him.

He returned to fucking her again, but stopped just before she could climax, and pushed his cock back into her mouth. Alternating between her pussy and mouth, he kept her on the brink of an orgasm. Claire’s entire body screamed for release.

Hugo stopped. He pulled out of her mouth, but didn’t push back into her cunt. He just… stopped. Kneeling on the foot of the bed, he pulled on the plug. Slowly. Edging it out of her ass, bit by bit. Once it was gone, an empty feeling took hold of Claire. But not for long. The visitor put the head of his cock against her ass and pushed. The butt plug and lubricant had prepared her ass well. It only hurt a little when he slowly slipped into her dark hole, filling the void the plug had left. She looked at her husband, smiling back at him. He put the camera on the bedside table, and while she was fucked in the ass by another man, her husband kissed her. He moved his attention to her nipples, licking them; sucking them; biting them. Claire moaned. The sensations that ran through her body drove her insane. She wanted to touch her clitoris. She wanted to cum.

Her husband returned to his camera, snapping away while the other man still slow-fucked her ass. He looked down and watched his cock move in and out of her, saw her pussy getting wetter, noticed her hard nipples, and saw the lust in her eyes. He moved his gaze up to her eyes and smiled, then sped up his pace. Claire groaned. She tried to move with him, but the ropes held her back. He quickened his pace again, and at the same time pushed two fingers into her wet cunt. Claire moaned. His fingers fucked her in the same tempo as his cock. Finally Claire had the orgasm she craved. Hugo smiled and quickened his pace once more. His fingers still moved in and out of her cunt, bringing her to another climax. The tightening of her muscles when she orgasmed gripped the hard cock in her ass. He now moaned too, grabbing her legs and leaving her pussy empty and aching to be touched. The visitor now concentrated on fucking her ass; fucking it hard. His cock swelled inside her just before he emptied his balls deep inside her ass.

To be continued… Hotel Fun (4)

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  1. I’m exhausted just catching up on parts 1-3. Getting ass fucked while he pushes his fingers into her cunt is very hot! I can’t wait to see where you’re going with this in part IV!

  2. Very hot, I love all the details she is free to observe as she cannot move. I love the tempo (how it frustrates her) and how excited her husband is by his part in the action. The description of the ass fucking is “ay caramba!” hot.

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