Hotel Fun (2)

Continued from… Hotel Fun (1)

“Pull your legs up.”
Claire obeyed.
“Spread them.”
Once again she obeyed.

Claire felt his eyes on her exposed cunt. She heard the wand massager before she could see it. It touched her clit, which was begging for more after her first couple of orgasms. It didn’t take long before her next climax escaped her body. Her husband held the wand against her nipple, barely touching it, but it was enough to make it harder than it already was. He did the same to her pussy lips, touching them lightly, making her beg for more. Once again it returned to her clit, and once again she climaxed. He new the more orgasms she had, the more she wanted. He removed the wand, and pushed two fingers into her cunt. She tried to push down on his fingers, but her bound arms held her back. Soon another wet orgasms streamed from her. For a moment she wondered whether they should put towels under her, but the thought instantly left her when the massager returned to her clitoris.

After this distraction, her husband once again ordered her to pull her legs up. She did the same as before, but again he said: “Pull your legs up.”
Claire hugged her legs, and at the same moment her husband shoved two pillows under her bottom. He threaded rope through the ring on her left ankle cuff, ran it through the ring on her left wrist cuff and then tied the rope to the headrest of the bed, pulling her legs up over her head. He tied her right leg in the same way. Claire was entirely immobilized. Immobilized and exposed. The butt plug was clearly visible to him, her pussy open and inviting. Her husband removed the pillows, and now the rope supported the weight of her lower body.

“Ready to be used,” her husband mumbled to himself, which put a smile to Claire’s face, as she wondered what he had in mind. She was startled by a knock at the door. Not able to move or hide herself, Claire hoped her husband would ignore it, but he didn’t. Embarrassment, shock and lust fought for the upper hand when a familiar face appeared in her line of sight. They had been talking to this man for quite some time, but she never thought it would come to this. Her face flushed red at her husband’s words: “She’s ready for you.”

Claire just stared at the two men. A mixture of embarrassment and lust had stolen all her thoughts. All she could do was stare. There they were, the two men. Her husband smiled at her, and the other man — Hugo — had unmistakable lust written all over his face. Claire instantly understood that this meeting was prearranged.
“Relax, my love,” her husband said, “this is what you wanted. Relax, and enjoy.”

Yes, this was what she fantasized about, but now that Hugo stood there, looking at her in this vulnerable exposed position, she wondered whether this was what she really wanted. But, the twitching of her pussy told her that she really wanted this.

Her husband walked over to built-in wardrobe. He opened the door, blocking her view from what he was doing. The moment she saw the camera in her hand, she knew she shouldn’t be surprised, but she was. This meeting was even better planned than she had understood only moments ago. While her husband busied himself with getting the camera set up, Hugo disappeared into the bathroom. She heard the water of the shower running. Her husband set the video camera on a tripod, checked whether it was ready to record, and then checked the flash on his digital camera. He was ready for action; ready to record every move.

“Just enjoy it, my love,” he said as he bent over her and kissed her. It was a long, deep kiss, full of love, filled with sexual suspense.

To be continued… Hotel Fun (3)

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