Hotel Fun (1)

They had been talking about it for longer than she cared to remember, but now finally they had both taken the time off from work, and Claire was heading to the hotel where they would meet.

Just as she pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, Claire received a text message from her husband. He told her to head straight for their room and mentioned the number of the room where she should be. She got out of the car and walked to the entrance of the hotel, feeling nervous. Would the people at the admissions desk be able to see that she was here to have sex? Would they think that she was cheating on her husband? Claire tried to push the thoughts away, and sighed with relief that there was no one behind the desk. She quickly waked to the elevators and thankfully one of the elevators opened the moment she pushed the button.

Claire found the room and softy knocked on the door. It opened almost immediately, and her husband pulled her into his embrace and passionately kissed her. Soon he pulled her into the room with him, where a huge bed awaited her. It was almost double the size of their bed at home.

She looked at her husband in surprise when she saw the items he had laid out on the bed: a collar, lots of rope, leather cuffs, clamps, dildos, butt plugs, a wand massager and condoms. Condoms? Why condoms? She wanted to ask, but when she turned to do so, he put his finger to her lips. She swallowed her question. She turned her head back to the stuff on the bed. Did he really want to use all of the stuff in the couple of hours they had?

“Do you want to take a shower first?” he asked and she nodded.

She returned to the room — naked. Her husband stood in front of her, softly stroking her shoulders, her arms, and down to her hands. His hands moved back up to her shoulders and softly down the front, just touching the side of her breasts. Then down to her hips, her thighs, her bum, up her back and back to her shoulders. He gently cupped her breasts, softly rolling her nipples between his fingers. His hands continued their journey downward, cupping her sex, softly slipping one finger between her wet lips. His hands move around her, firmly grabbing her ass, pulling her buttocks apart, exposing her dark hole to the cool air in the room.

Bending his head, he kissed her. Long and hard. Moments later he led her to the bed. The items that were on the bed before, were now in different spots around the room.

“On the bed. On hands and knees.”
She assumed the position.
“Spread your legs.”
She did.

The coldness of the lubricant startled her. He softly massaged it on and around her asshole. She relaxed, then gasped when he pushed a finger in her ass. More lubricant. More massaging. The finger again. Another finger. More lubricant. Then nothing. She heard him moving around, and then a butt plug pushed against her lubricated opening. He applied some pressure, pushed the tip in and held it there, allowing her to relax. Bit by bit he pushed the plug in. Once the widest part of the plug slipped I, he pushed the plug firmly in place. He wiggled it, knowing it made her only wetter than she already was.

“Lie down. On your back.”

Moving to the foot of the bed, he reached for the leather cuffs. First he firmly tied a cuff around her left ankle, then her right. He sat down on the ed next to her, bent over and kissed her. His lips moved to her neck, then to her breasts, where he softly circled her erect nipple with his tongue. Sitting up again, he smiled at her and then firmly tied the leather cuffs around her wrists. Claire could still move freely despite the cuffs, but having seen the rope, she knew this wouldn’t be for long.

Against her expectation, he positioned himself between her legs. His lips closed around her clitoris. It didn’t take long before Claire’s first climax was a fact. Both she and her husband knew that this was only the beginning. He continued to lick her clitoris softly; then sucked hard again. She spread her legs wider, wanting more, and he wanted to give her more. The intense feeling of this touch sent her over the edge again. Another climax – much wetter than the first two.

Claire opened her eyes when he tied her left hand to the headboard of the bed. Her arm was stretched and immobilized. He told her to move to the middle of the huge bed, and then tied her right arm in the same way as the left. Knowing the ‘drill’ she spread her legs so he could tie them to the foot end of the bed. He had other plans.

To be continued… Hotel Fun (2)

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  1. I love it. There is something so sexy about going to a hotel room like this which makes things different to being at home. You have really captured that sense of excitement in your writing here ?

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