Face the world…

Sometimes strong women feel weak. But they have a good cry, get up again, and face a new day.
~ Unknown

Sometimes you have to turn your back on the world, and just be with yourself. Sometimes things just get a bit too much, and that’s the moment where you have to allow yourself to feel ‘weak’, to withdraw into yourself and let out those tears of frustration and sadness. Once you did, your strength returns and you can continue to be the strong woman you are.

Turning my back on the world.
Tomorrow I will face the world again…

© Rebel’s Notes

12 thoughts on “Face the world…

  1. Again your words touch my heart, you have such a knack of doing that! Your image is so vulnerable combined with your words but a silent strength there too, echoed in the red of your scarf. Breathtaking Marie x

  2. Okay, now spin that chair around and get on with it. You are a strong woman, but I know what you mean. Clever idea and image to match.

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