Collars and cuffs

With our D/s in the stage it’s currently in, and has been for two years now, it has been as long since I last wore cuffs. However, if I close my eyes – and even if I don’t close them – I can imagine the cuffs around my wrists (and ankles), as well as the feeling that gave me. Once those cuffs were around my wrists, I slipped into a mode where all I wanted was to do what he wanted. Whether it was to tie me to something, spreading my arms or holding them above my head, or whether he only used a carbine hook to keep my wrists trapped together behind my back.

I miss the feeling of the handcuffs. Miss presenting my wrists to him so he could tight he leather cuffs around them, one by one. Miss the way he tested each cuff to make sure it wouldn’t slip off over my hand. I miss how he pushed my arms next to my body as I stood in front of him, and then he ran his hands over the sides of my breasts, before cupping them and then pinching my nipple. I miss having my wrist secured and feeling the strain of the cuffs against my skin as I fought the sensations his hands or tongue evoked from my body. I miss the handful of times he used a carbine hook to clip a wrist cuff to an ankle cuff, limiting my movement and spreading me wide open for his scrutiny and treatment.

One day… one day, I will wear cuffs again.

A collar… well that’s a different story.

We have several collars, some of which I call my punishment collars because they keep my head up, and I have little room to move. I am not fond of those collars, but when it pleases Master T, obviously I do wear them. Those collars are used when he has a harder session in mind. Then, there are a couple of play collars that are really comfortable, and I love the feeling of them around my neck. My absolute favorite play collar is the Histoire d’O collar, which is not only comfortable, but so beautiful!

Obviously it has been a long time ago since I last wore a play collar. I do, however, wear my night collar every night (except when there’s a heatwave, two of which we had in the last month). Every night as we go to bed, and Master T gets into bed, he reaches under my pillow for the night collar, and puts it around my neck for the night. I remove it in the morning when I get up, as I am always up before him.

Another collar I wear every day, no matter what weather we have, is my day collar. I have a couple of different ones and Master T leaves it up to me which one I wear. I feel naked without my day collar. Up to some months ago I had a special Swarovski collar, and where their products are very good and of high quality, apparently the necklaces I wore wasn’t made for every day use. Now I just wear necklaces with discreet BDSM pendants (and sometimes not so discreet, but people don’t know what the symbol means), and I am always on the lookout for new ones, so if anyone has tips, please let me know!

It might take some time before I feel cuffs around my wrists or wear a play collar again, but the fact that Master T has kept it up to put my sleep collar around my neck, is confirmation to me that our D/s is not over, but that we are just on some kind of ‘forced’ hiatus. We will get back to it… and believe me, I really look forward to that!

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7 thoughts on “Collars and cuffs

  1. What a lovely piece of reflection looking back to your time when wearing cuffs; you have a good imagination, although we know that already!!
    I do like the idea of a night collar, and that has come through in a number of posts. I think women look very sexy in a collar so why not asleep too!

  2. Collars can mean so much but I understand how the hot weather can affect wanting to wear one. It can makes you realise how important they are to you.

  3. I’m impressed with people who keep at anything with such routine and that includes D/s rituals like a night or day collar. I seems like a lovely routine to have. ??

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