We live in a butterfly culture. We stay hidden most of our lives, and only pretend to be beautiful when someone is watching.
~ R.M. Broderick

There was a time when I did this. I think there was a time in all our lives when we did it. Stayed hidden, because we thought we were ugly, thought we didn’t belong, thought we were not important enough. But then, the moment we realized someone was watching, we straightened our backs and pretended to be beautiful, pretended to fit in, pretended to belong, even though deep down we didn’t believe it. Then, when we had to crawl back into that hole we believed we belonged in, we felt even worse than we did before. Yes, I used to do this, but over the last ten years I have gained confidence, and I am no longer hiding, no longer pretending. I am confident enough to accept that some people like me, and others might not, and that is okay. Life certainly is a journey of learning…

Full frontal image of me wearing knickers, but with labia showing on the sides.
I guess there is a bit of a ‘butterfly’ in this image, right?

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18 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. I love these words and how you’ve interpreted them in relation to your emotional growth and confidence. I also admire the image you have shared. I love this moment, the feeling that my excitement, my arousal can no longer be concealed or denied. How beautiful your butterfly looks – a fitting representation of you Marie.

  2. Yes life is certainly a journey . . . and I think we have to approach it as just learning from all the twists and turns and trying to keep it fun and fulfilling !!!
    Xxx – K

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