Whip ‘n Wand

Joan booked another session with Dom, under the same conditions than before: she didn’t want to know what would happen. She trusted Dom. He knew her limits, knew the things she liked or would like to try and he was also very aware of the things she didn’t like, such as not wanting to talk through a session before it happens. Doing that took away the element of surprise, and made it boring. That was Joan’s opinion, and one that Dom respected.

The swing was waiting for Joan when she entered the room. Dom had adjusted it in such a way that Joan could sit up in it. He tied her hands on both sides, at the same height of her head. Her knees were tied to the sides of the swing, spreading her legs wide. Dom put a clamp on each of her labia, and tied two strings to the clamps and then to her upper legs, opening her cunt and showing her beginning wetness.

Behind her, he retrieved the tools he had in mind for this session: a cat-o’-nine tail whip and a wand massager. Leaving it out of sight, he walked around her twice, running his eyes up and down her body, before his hand followed the curve of her breasts and then touched her opening. She was not as wet as he wanted her to be.

Dom moved in behind her and picked up the cat-o’-nine. Joan waited patiently. Swinging downward and upward, Dom swung the whip between her legs. The ends of the tails touched her mound, while the rest of the tails ‘caressed’ her opening. Joan tensed on this first impact and let out a soft ‘aahhh”. A second and third strike followed.

Joan’s breathing seemed a bit more labored than before the whip touched her cunt. Dom walked around her, and once again he was surprised by her almost-dry cunt. Even so, her clitoris was hard. He suspected the reason for this was because one of the tails had landed on her tender nub.

Again he picked up the whip as he stood behind her, and again he swung downward and upward. However, his swing is harder than before, and this time the ends of the cat-o’-nine left marks on her mound. Dom touched her opening again, but nothing had changed since before.

He stood next to her and swung the tails of the whip in a circle — first some distance from her cunt, but slowly closing in towards her spread opening. Joan’s breathing sounded labored and her body tensed. She didn’t try to escape the tails, but waited for the tips of the cat-o’-nine to send their torturous pain through her sex. She didn’t know when it would happen. Only Dom did. Unexpected by Joan, he suddenly allowed the tips to touch her tender flesh. She cried out in pain. He kept the whip close, then allowed the ends of the tails to touch her again for about five seconds. Joan twisted and turned and fought her restraints. She moaned loudly.

Dom allowed her some rest before he repeated the treatment. During the five seconds the ends of the whip touched her about fifteen times, and multiplied by nine that was about hundred and thirty-five painful impacts during the five seconds. Dom allowed her some rest, and touched her cunt again. She was unharmed, and drier than before. This surprised him, but he had a way to change that.

Putting the whip away, he picked up the wand massager and switched it on. First he ran it upward through her slit and then pushed down hard on her clitoris, until her body reacted fiercely to the vibrations. Climaxing currently wasn’t one of her priorities. Just as she leaned into the vibrations, Dom stopped and removed the massager. He repeated the treatment with the whip, turning it in circles until it touched her opening. The pain was intense.

He stopped and she regained control of her body.

The wand massager returned and stopped just as she reached the edge

Then the whip returned.

Control again.

The whip. The wand. The whip. The wand.

Joan’s cunt was soaking wet.

The whip. A scream of pain. Fighting her restraints.

Dom pushed the wand down hard on her clitoris, and this time Joan lost all control as she climaxed loudly. Dom wasn’t done yet. He continued alternating between the whip and the wand, until he forced another orgasm from Joan’s body.

Untying the sweaty, exhausted woman, Dom told her how proud he was of her, while he gently ran a finger through her wetness, and allowed her to suck her juices off his finger.

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  1. Oh yummy. I wish I could be the type of person who could be surprised. Too much anxiety, lol. JB has been practicing the whip…this makes me hope he gets proficient sooner rather than later.

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