Water Games

Robin and Sheila popped into Dom’s Place again, ready to try out a new toy they had bought. It’s a shower head that looked and almost functioned like a high pressure cleaner. From the bathroom door, Dom watched amused as the two young women installed the toy in his bathroom. Sometimes this was all the session was about: for him to watch what they did. Occasionally they involved him in their play.

Sheila grabbed the nozzle, which now was attached to a longer shower hose.
“We have to try it,” she said and looked at Robin. “Come on, little one, into shower you go!”

Robin pretended to protest, but soon she was naked in the shower. Sheila opened the tap and focused the jet of water on Robin’s legs to test the force of the water. She moved to Robin’s tummy and where it didn’t hurt, it was clear that Robin definitely felt it. The width of the jet of water could be change to adjust the force of the water.

On Robin’s breasts the water dented her flesh where the water touched. Sheila moved the nozzle from left to right and back again.
“That’s intense,” Robin said as the water touched her nipples.
Slowly Sheila lowered the water towards Robin’s cunt. This was of course the purpose of the new nozzle — to use the water to get off.

Robin grimaced when the water jet forced its way between her labia. Sheila lifted it slightly and held it steady on Robin’s mons. Robin moved her hips until the water touched her clitoris. She continued bucking her hips, fucking the water jet; using it to get off. Soon she threw her head back and moaned as she climaxed.
“That’s definitely worth repeating,” she said as she stepped out of the shower.

“Will it work for men too?” Robin asked mischievously while looking at Dom. “Come on Dom, you’re the only way for us to test that!”

Dom laughed, and undressed. In the shower, the water jet hit his chest first, and indeed, it didn’t hurt, but he did feel it well. He knew what would come next as the water moved down his belly towards his crotch. It hurt when Robin held it right on his balls but he didn’t want to give Robin the pleasure of showing his pain. Her mischievous expression betrayed her next move. Ever so slowly she moved the water jet up. Dom couldn’t stop his erection. He locked eyes with Robin, but didn’t show any emotion.

He was surprised to feel the mixture of pain and pleasure on his cock, but still his expression was blank. Robin directed the jet of water right on his glans, and managed to keep it there. She had one purpose with this. Dom still kept his eyes fixed on her face; her eyes, and didn’t move. He refused to give in to the feelings, but knew it was only a matter of time before he would reach his own climax. His face was still expressionless when he spurted and emptied his balls.

“Yeeehaaa,” Robin yelled in victory, and Dom hid a smile at the silliness of the young woman.

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9 thoughts on “Water Games

  1. I love playing with water. Such interesting sensations. New and different ways of getting off. Slipperiness. Mmm.

  2. I love when a dominant can hold back their expressions and maintain a stoic facade (I don’t love it ALL the time, lol, but it’s fun sometimes).

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