Shifting Focus

Nine times out of ten it’s a minor shift in your focus and your attitude that makes the difference.
~ Brenda Strong

I have read this quote over and over, considering each and every word, and came to the conclusion that there is so much truth in this. Sometimes all it takes to find hope again, is to shift your focus from the negative to the positive, or even see the positive in the negative. Difficult situations are exactly that: difficult… but sometimes it takes a slight shift in focus to make it feel less difficult than it is. I think that’s what keeps on pulling me through with how our relationship is at this moment. I try to focus on the things we still do together – our photography outings, our ‘dunches’, how we still joke and laugh together, how strong our love is. I have to say, since I have started doing this, missing intimacy and D/s doesn’t weigh has heavy on my shoulders anymore. Sometimes you just have to shift your focus.

That’s also what I did with the images below, and in doing so, I fulfill the prompt for this month: One Shot Two Ways.

My breasts seen from the side and hanging down, focus on the one in the back.
Focus on the back…
My breasts seen from the side and hanging down, focus on the one in the front.
… and the focus shifting to the front.

And as a slideshow…

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22 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. I love those photos! I think the only way way breast look half decent is when I’m on top of Rex and they hang. He loves them any way he can get them, but at 80 years old they’re getting quite droopy. I had really nice perky ones until I was around 50ish, but my husband never wanted to see them.

  2. Hi! Do you have any blog posts about how you incorporate your piercings in sex? What works and what didn’t?

    1. We have never really ‘incorporated’ my piercings in sex. It’s more the idea of having them, and the look of it that makes it sexy.

  3. Beautiful images Marie, I love the to and fro of focus but your words in particular made me stop and think. As very often they do, you’ve provided me with food for thought, as well as two sensual shots to admire, thank you xx

  4. Shifting focus can be so hard can’t it but there is a lot of truth in this. Also, I do love your take on the prompt, your piercings look amazing.

  5. To use a Brit-ism: This is brilliant!

    Both images are lovely, and I like the play on words & deeper message about shifting focus.


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