Sharp as a Knife

I have written about knife play several times before. The first time was also for Kink of the week, where I ended with the words: Maybe I should buy Master T a special knife? The second time, I elaborated on that post, and mentioned that Master T had discovered a Swiss army knife and had even used it on me. Only a couple of days later I shared an image of the marks he had left on me, and then in 2016, I shared the same image again.

The Swiss army knife Master T used back then wasn’t that sharp, which meant he had to press down quite hard to make the marks you see on the images. Sadly, I don’t think we will ever use a different (read: sharper) knife, and chances even are that we will never engage in knife play again. The main reason for this is not because we don’t like it (and also not because our D/s is only simmering at the moment), but because of Master T’s tremors. He had them since he was a teenager (his grandfather suffered from it and our youngest occasionally has them too – she’s 21), and they are getting worse with old age. Those of you who we’ve met in real life know that Master T drinks everything with a straw, as the tremors he has are called intention tremors, which means he starts shaking at the end of a movement. If he tries to bring a glass to his mouth without a straw, chances are the drink will be spilled over him, hence the straw.

The tremors at the end of a movement are like a kind of spasm, harsh and totally uncontrollable. I don’t even want to think what would happen if he has a spasm while holding a sharp knife against my skin. It’s always ‘safety first’ and if that means that we will not be able to engage in knife play, so be it.

But, I am still incredibly intrigued by knife play. One thing I still want to experience, is to combine wax play with knife play. I want to know that the knife is sharp; I want to know that there’s the ‘danger’ of being cut. I want to feel the tension as the wax is scraped from my body, bit by bit. I want to relax into the feeling, even while my body is on edge and my mind fully aware of what is happening. Maybe there comes a day that I can experience this. Maybe there will be a day that Master T drips hot wax on my body, and someone else handles the sharp knife to get the wax off again.

This will always be one of my fantasies, and while I wait for that to happen one day, I will just keep on reading about knife play sessions others had, and remember my own desires.

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3 thoughts on “Sharp as a Knife

  1. I too want to go out and buy a knife after writing my post. Maybe I can convince my OH it will be lots of fun…for him!

  2. “I want to feel the tension as the wax is scraped from my body, bit by bit.”

    Oh this isn’t hot. I want to experience this now! And I hope you will too in some incarnation with Master T and some very lucky other person. ?

  3. It’s a shame that knife play is off the table for now. I like the combination of wax and knife, I do need a special knife though. It’s not as exciting with a butter knife.

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