Silly Selfies

Picture this: a 50+ woman holding her phone up in the air, trying to find a way to hold it with one hand, scared to drop the phone, turning her head this way and that, holding the phone higher and lower and all the time clumsily trying to get her thumb on the button to take a selfie.

That’s me.

So many times I look at how easy the younger generation seem to take a selfie with their phones, but I always battle to know how to hold the phone. If anyone has any tips on how easily to hold my phone and make a selfie, please let me know. That said, thankfully I have a phone where I can use voice commands, and that makes it a lot easier. I say ‘cheese’ and the phone snaps the picture.

My face from the side and bottom.
And then you sit talking to someone, your front camera on and your phone thinks it gets a voice command. Result: a terrible selfie!

But… selfies.

Of all the selfies I take (which is not a huge amount), about 1% show my face. I just never like what my face looks like, as either my face looks too round or I have a double chin, my eyes are half closed or I find something else wrong with it. Most of my selfies are taken when I am in bed, and want to share something on Instagram. Those are the selfies I like, even though I discard (not delete) a lot of them. Sometimes, but only sometimes, I take selfies where others are in the picture with me, such as when we moved the first car load of stuff to my son’s new house and he and I were together in the car, or two years ago when mom’s house was empty and I took a selfie of Master T and me. That’s still my profile pic on my vanilla Facebook.

Something I am wondering now: when is a selfie actually a selfie? Is it only when your face is on it? Is it only when you use the front camera of your phone? Or doesn’t it matter which part of your body is on the image or which camera you have used, as long as the image shows something of yourself? If the latter is true, it means I make a lot more selfies than I mentioned above, because I frequently use the back camera on my phone to snap pictures of intimate parts.

Another question: can you only make selfies with your mobile phone, or is an image of yourself that was taken with a DSLR camera also called a selfie? If so, it means I have made LOADS of selfies during several self photography sessions.

Let’s see what Wikipedia says about selfies:

A selfie is a self-portrait type image, typically taken with a smartphone which may be held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Ah, see… mobile phones and selfies go hand in hand. And then they mention a selfie stick. I have one but have used it only ONCE. I always forget that I have it, but the one and only time I have used it, I still couldn’t get the angle I wanted for a photo, and when I settled for a different angle, I didn’t like the photo. The selfie stick disappeared into the bedside drawer and hasn’t been taken out to use again. When I see the word ‘selfie stick’ there is one person I immediately have to think about: Posy Churchgate. She really is the queen of the selfie stick!

I do like taking the occasional selfie and sharing it on Instagram, but my preferred method for taking photos will always be my DSLR and my soon-to-be-realized photo studio.

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10 thoughts on “Silly Selfies

  1. Ok, even from that unflattering-to-EVERYONE below-the-chin-framing, even accidental (ha! that was a funny explanation), this selfie made me happy ‘cause I got to see your face. We are usually our own worst critics. I find SO MANY beautiful details in you. ?

  2. Selfies evade me … from the phone/ipad positioning to the taking of the pic. I don’t think I’ve ever taken one I liked … for me it’s ‘who the hell is that and why don’t I look like I think I do’ … ha! I look forward to your the creativity that will come from you having your own studio space … nj … xx

  3. Oh Marie – if I had to include my face in the picture, you would see so few selfies of me! I don’t like how my face behaves once there is a camera around – I seem to become wooden, and don’t talk to me about the double chin problem!

    I am happy to be the queen of the selfie stick! It helps me no end, although you always see my arms at funny angles in the image too. Floss is right, a bum selfie is a ‘belfie’ (Kim Kardashian does many!) and a selfie with a dog is a ‘delfie’ apparently! You post was so amusing and frank, but don’t be so tough on yourself, your images are great (but with your studio, bound to get better!)

  4. Oh I did chuckle at your phone deciding it thought you had done a voice command for a photo 🙂 I think for me selfies can definitely be any body part, I think on Instagram though the bum selfie has its own hashtag of #belfie!

  5. Yes I had to look up selfies when I was posted this prompt. And as soon as I saw mention of a selfie stick I had to get a Posy selfie to head the post. Selfies are fun and I think can be of any part of us – they can higher self esteem and give pleasure to others – what not to like 😉 x

  6. Lovely peep into your world.
    Cheapy remote controls are available to sync with your phone/selfie stick.
    I was once creative ,)

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