Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Caught in her throat, her heart beat loudly to the rhythm of her fear and excitement. Fear that her parents might wake up and hear her sneak out of the house in the middle of the night; excitement for seeing him. What had wet her panties? Fear? Excitement? Both?

Debby closed the front door behind her, the soft click like a canon shot in her ears. She froze, and waited, and only minutes later did she dare to take another step towards the side of the house. She climbed over the fence, ran through the dark garden of the neighbors, keeping low and safely reached the street. She crossed it towards the field beyond, and easily found the footpath in the dark. Only five minutes later she was on the other side of the field, and as she looked up, she saw the back of the large screen of the drive-in. There, on the other side of the parked cars facing the screen, next to the cafeteria, he would be waiting. Jonathan. Jon.

A shiver ran through Debby’s body when she thought of Jon. He was doing his military service, and just like most of the senior high school girls, Debby was intrigued by a man in uniform. She was even more intrigued by Jon, since he had singled her out for his attention. A couple of times now she had sneaked out of the house to watch a movie with him, but they always ended up kissing, touching each other through their clothes, and seeing nothing of the movie. They always met at the cafeteria and then found themselves a spot between all the other couples on the grassy slope.

Tonight would be different…

She flew into his arms the moment she spotted him. They kissed and hugged, and kissed once more. Debby could stay like that for hours, but Jon pulled her with him, away from the cafeteria and towards the parked cars. A couple of rows closer to the big screen, he opened the back door of a car and pulled her in with him. Two of his friends were in the front seats, and one in the back. A pang of disappointment quickly disappeared when his friends barely paid them any attention. He turned towards her, his back now towards his friend, and lowered his lips to her, while his hand crept under her T-shirt.

Debby’s pussy twitched and some wetness escaped when he slipped his hand under her bra and touched her nipple. She barely suppressed a groan. She clung to his lips, kissed him hard and kept her eyes closed, shielding away the lust in her eyes. He lowered his hand and gently touched her abdomen, moving his hand from side to side just above the band of her skirt. There lips were still locked together, their breathing short and ragged. Debby wondered whether he might have an erection, but she was too shy to check. Never before had she touched him without him leading her hand.

His hand moved lower, over her hip and down to her legs, which Debby modestly held together. He slipped his hands between her knees and with the slightest of pressure, pushed them apart until her legs were spread as wide as their confined space would allow. Now his hand moved up her left thigh, and stopped just before it touched her crotch, before it continued down her right thigh. By the time he repeated it for the fifth time, Debby was ready to explode. A deep sigh escaped into his mouth when his fingers finally pushed the gusset of her soaked panties sideways, and found her spread cunt waiting for him.

He immediately pushed a finger deep inside her. Debby was in heaven, and even more so when his thumb rested on her clitoris. She had no idea just where he was touching her exactly or what he was doing, but she was convinced that she wanted more, and thankful that he knew what he was doing. His in-and-out movements drover her insane. Her body seemed to move towards something, but just before she could surrender to it, he pulled his hand away, moved her hand to his crotch and returned to fondling her breast. For a moment Debby was taken aback, but the joy of bringing him pleasure quickly replaced that. She rubbed him through his clothes and only slipped her hand in when he held his pants open for her. For the first time ever she felt the soft, velvety skin of a penis, and the firmness of an erection.

By the time Debby was back in her bed, a feeling of frustration had taken hold of her. Spreading her legs wide, she pushed her hand between her legs and slipped her fingers inside the waiting wetness. Fingering herself, she fantasized about being alone with Jon, and for more to happen than can ever happen when they are at the movies, surrounded by other people.

Debby sneaked out of the house several times more, but not always to see Jon, as soon he lost interest in her and moved on. Sometimes she went to the movies with the girl next door — both of them sneaking out of their homes — and sometimes she met other young men. She never did more than fondling and feeling, and never had an orgasm, not even when she was in a car alone with a male admirer. Sneaking out for these meetings and being felt up by a young man was like foreplay for what she did when she was back in her own bed, fingering herself until her body erupted in the joy she craved more and more.

Note: This story was inspired by one of my favorite songs, Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Back in the eighties, we lived in Namibia, close to the Windhoek drive-in, and I used to sneak out of the house to meet… yes… young men. Boys. I was fourteen back then, and too young to be doing the things I did, but still these are fond memories. Some of the elements in this story is true, and others are not. You may decide which is which.

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