I vow to…

Vows… if you were to write wedding vows for you sex life, what would you say to or promise your lover/partner?

I have never done wedding vows before, even though this is my third marriage. Wedding vows is just not a thing either here in the Netherlands, or in South Africa, where my first wedding happened. There might be people who do wedding vows, but that will then be granted as a special request and not because it’s part of the ‘procedure’ either in the church or when you get married at the municipal offices. In the Netherlands, you have to get married at the municipal offices for it to be legal. You are allowed to marry in the church, but then you first have to be married at the municipal offices. In South Africa only a church wedding is enough for it to be legal.

But, I am drifting off.

Wedding vows… if I could do them for my sex life today, what will they be?

1. I vow to love and cherish you, even if we never have sex again.

I thought to do this one first, as it’s something many people might wonder about, whether I can keep on loving Master T even if we continue our lives never having sex again. Now, the past two years haven’t been entirely sexless, but I think I can count the times we had sex on my two hands. Have the thought to leave him ever crossed my mind? No. Do I love him less because we have so little sex? No. I can safely say that I will love and cherish him for the rest of our lives, even if it means we never have sex again.

2. I vow to never spill a drop when I swallow your come.

I was totally surprised a couple of weeks ago when Master T (after sitting in the sun all afternoon) was horny that evening, and asked me to stroke him. I barely wanked his cock, but mostly just ran my nails over his balls and shaft, and when he pushed his underpants down, every now and then closed my fingers around his shaft and moved up and down. The urgency in his voice when he told me to ‘put my mouth to it’, surprised me, but not as much as it surprised me when he came in my mouth. He really was horny, as normally I have to suck him before he climaxes. Even though I was almost too late for him to come in mouth, I didn’t spill a drop, and yes, I vow never to do so ever.

3. I vow to be your filthy slut whenever you want.

Whenever Master T reaches for me, pushes his finger deep in my cunt, brings me to a squirting orgasm, and tells me I am his slut, I melt into his arms and say it out loud: “I love being your slut.”
And I do. I love being his slut. I love spreading my legs for him, love feeling the pleasure he draws from my body, and I love, love, love being his slut. But, this is not the only way I can be his slut. Master T absolutely loves to see me being fucked by someone else, whether it’s a man or a woman. Let’s just say that this is his kink. And, by allowing others to use my body with his permission, I am still being the filthy slut he wants me to be. And which I like to be…

4. I vow to enjoy my body, even in times when you are less interested in it.

I have a LOVE-hate relationship with my body. Most days I look in the mirror and I feel positive, but I also have my bad days, when I don’t like my body at all. All I then see are thick thighs and a round belly, the same things I love on all those other days, simply because they are part of me. I try to love my body every day, but sometimes I just need Master T’s confirmation that my body is okay… or sexy. However, with his mind not being where it always was, sometimes I really doubt whether I am still sexy, even though I know he still thinks I am the sexiest woman alive. I vow to remember this, to remember that even though he doesn’t say it, he still thinks I am the sexiest woman alive. That is the thing I need to keep in mind on those days I see my thick thighs reflected to me in the mirror.

5. I vow to always be sexy for you and me, no matter what the future brings.

We never know what the future brings, and, going back to my first vow, which touched on the subject of never having sex again, I want to feel and be sexy no matter what. So, even if we never have sex again, or, even if we have sex every day… no matter what the future brings, I want to be sexy, want to feel sexy, want to act sexy… I know you might not say it, but I want to know that I am still the most sexy woman in your life. And deep down I know your eyes will tell me that I am… because they always do.

Wedding vows…

… I never thought I would do them, but there you have them: my wedding vows to Master T!
And, I might just shove this post under his nose to read!

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8 thoughts on “I vow to…

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  2. I missed this when you first published so am glad that I have come to it now as it is a lovely post. I do agree that we all change but think these are good things to aspire to feeling and doing. We did make vows when we married which we each wrote ourselves and I still feel the same about them now as I did then, although our relationship has changed a bit since.

  3. I’ve been catching up from vacation and this is my last post of the backlog! What a fun one to end on. This is really sweet and made me smile even though many of my own answers would be different. We make a mess with come for example! It spills everywhere ?. But you really can’t beat #1. ♥️

  4. These are perfect, Marie…and I definitely think you should shove them under his nose to read. Though, I doubt any of these would come as a surprise to him.

  5. I never did vows either, generally the justice of the peace (US) doesn’t allow anything other than their blanket statement. This was beautiful Rebel!

  6. Those are some lovely vows, it all comes from care for each other which is so nice. Especially about being sexy, that is so important.

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