His Body, Mind & Personality

What parts of your lover’s body do you love the most… and, if you feel comfortable… what parts do you have trouble accepting?

When I first met Master T, the first things that I noticed was that he limped slightly, as if he had pain in his foot or his knee, and that he had a beard and a moustache. I have never had a particular preference for either a hairless face, or a face with a full beard and moustache. I don’t think I have ever had a preference for any kind of body type when it came to my partners. From quite an early age the only thing I really cared about what the person’s personality. I fell in love with Master T months before I saw him in real life for the first time.

The first thing he said when he got in the car next to me – this was on that first face to face date where he had opened the car door for me and I had noticed his limp – was that he was an amputee. He explained that his lower left leg had been amputated just before his 11th birthday. I took note of his explanation, but soon forgot that he had a prosthetic leg. His personality was what counted, and as said, I was already in love with him and all I wanted with that first, and consecutive dates, was to enjoy being close to him.

As our relationship progressed, I got to know his body better. Master T is not big and strong. He is slender, and now with his stump deteriorating, he’s sometimes even fragile. A couple of weeks ago we were walking on a quay in Rotterdam and it was incredibly windy. He had to hold onto my arm, to anchor him to the ground. Years ago this wouldn’t have been necessary. If someone would push Master T, chances are he will fall. He’s not as stable as he once was, which makes me extra vigilant when we are between people, to make sure that he’s safe. As I got to know his body better, I also discovered that he has Pectus excavatum, but this doesn’t bother him in any way. It doesn’t bother me either.

Master T has the narrowest hips, and a small bum, and sometimes I look at it and wish mine was like that – hips and bum. What I really, really, really love about his body are his hands. They are just as big as mine, but he has a power in them that when he squeezes my arm or leg or breast, he can hurt me in the most delicious way. I also love his eyes. They are expressive, and I love when he has that strict look in them, which definitely puts me right there in an obedient mood.

There are no parts of his body I have any trouble accepting, although I have to say that in the past two years I have frequently hated his stump. No, that’s not the right way to say it. I have frequently hated the way the problems with his stump impacted our lives in such a big way, but I know we will find a new normal. It’s a slow process, but we will get there.

As I said in the beginning, I have never been one who had a preference for a specific body type. I think I fall in love with the mind and personality of someone, and I can tell you, those are two things of Master T I really love. He’s an intelligent man, well-read (he reads SO much), and he can talk about almost any subject, except developing websites. That’s my thing. Master T has a sweet and kind personality, but he’s also strict and fair, which are qualities I really like.

I am just in love with ALL of him!

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  1. I think women especially tend to do this, but I’m finding that men may do it just as much. We look past things like weight and disability because we love a person’s personality so much. We’re not as shallow as it may seem. I suppose some people are, but I’d like to think that most normal people (non celebrity) really look at the whole package and take the flaws as part of the deal, maybe loving them just as much because they are part of the person they love.

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