Sizzling Session

“It sounded urgent,” Dom said when he opened the door for Celine.
“You bet,” she said, “my boyfriend doesn’t do what you do.”

Naked, her legs spread and hands in her neck, Celine was ready when Dom entered the room. Dom ordered her to get in the gyno chair, and noticed that she was already wet. While he tied her to the chair — arms and legs — her breathing quickened. Dom secured a belt around her middle, making sure she had no room left to move.

“What is your score?” Dom asked. In their early encounters this was something he and Celine had negotiated. She had to tell him how wet she was and how much she wanted an orgasm. There was this one time when she said ‘1/1’ which meant she wasn’t wet at all and didn’t crave an orgasm, so he made her masturbate. Today was different.
“5/5,” Celine eagerly answered.
“You have some work to do before you can have that orgasm,” Dom teased.

Four clamps on Celine’s outer labia opened her cunt to Dom, making it easier for him to do what he wanted. He placed one end of a plastic tube on her clitoris and attached a vacuum pump to the other end. Dom pumped until Celine’s face changed.
“A nice beginning,” he said, and Celine lifted her head to see her clitoris halfway in the narrow tube. She nodded with a painful expression on her face. Dom waited a few moments before he resumed pumping, and stopped when Celine begged for mercy.
“Can you handle one more?” he asked after giving her a chance to get her breathing under control.
“Do I have to?”
“Just answer the question.”
Dom pushed the pump only once. Celine moaned loudly, huffed and puffed and allowed the pain to settle.

Dom detached the pump, and connected the electro device to the tube. A conductor inside the tube rested against Celine’s clitoris. He turned a dial to allow a continuous electrical current to Celine’s clitoris. It’s at the lowest setting, but strong enough to be painful. Dom watched Celine’s face and stopped just before she begged for mercy. He paused, and the repeated it again. And again.

After seven repetitions, he allowed Celine a longer rest.
“How do you feel?” Dom asked.
“Pain, lots of pain,” Celine answered, a slight smile playing around her lips.
“Wet?” Dom teased.
“I’ll do anything for an orgasm!”

Dom turned the dial on the device to another setting.
“I’m changing to the shock program. Two minutes. I’m sure you can handle that.”
A power surge was automatically sent from the device to Celine’s clitoris. A surge lasted two seconds, then a pause of ten seconds, and the surge was repeated. During the two minutes the shock program lasts, the intensity slowly increased. Close to the end, Celine breathed through her mouth, and her body stayed tense.

“Mercy,” she begged.
“We’re done with this series,”Dom said, “you’ve done well.”
Dom changed the program on the device.
“Are you ready for the next?” he asked.
Celine nodded.
“A ten second surge, the dial is on eight.”
Celine sighed, but nodded again. Immediately after Dom flipped the switch, her body tensed and she pulled on her restraints. Just before the end her scream filled the room.

“The next one… higher or longer?”
“What you want,” Celine panted.
“I want an answer.”
“Longer. May I come?”
“Later. Maybe.”
“I’ll do anything to have an orgasm!”
“Twenty seconds?”
“Err.. Yes…”

Celine rolled her head from side to side when Dom turned the dial and electricity once again streamed through her clitoris. She clenched her fists and let out a long, low scream. Tears ran down her cheeks when the torture stopped. Puzzled, Celine looked a her pussy when Dom pushed a dildo deep inside. The sudden change of sensation confused her mind, but not her body. Soon she surrendered to a long, shuddering orgasm.

“Heavenly,” she sighed, her eyes closed, and then after a short pause: “what’s next?”
“Full power?”
“Oh no, I can’t.”
“You can’t, or you don’t want to.”
“Can’t,” Celine quickly said.
“You always underestimate yourself.”
“Five seconds on nine.”

Celine managed, but screamed for the full five seconds.

“I knew you could do it.”
Celine didn’t answer.
“And now, five seconds on ten.”
Celine puffed, her eyes filled with tears. Dom kept a close eye on her, not sure whether Celine would be able to beg for mercy once he had turned the dial. He had to decide whether she could handle it.

Immediately Celine started screaming again, and even after the electricity had stopped, she continued.
“Mercy, mercy, mercy…” she panted.
“You’re not supposed to beg for mercy when the electricity has been turned off already,” Dom teased.
“Oh… have I…?”
“Yes, you have. You did well. I am proud of you!”
Celine smiled, but it looked more like a grimace.

“You can handle much more than you think. So, once more. I want to know how long you can handle it. Mercy, and I stop.”
Celine nodded, crying. Dom planned for only five seconds, but he didn’t tell Celine. Again the moment he turned the dial, Celine screamed, but he stopped almost immediately as he noticed she had peed herself. He gave her a couple of moments to recover while he disconnected the device and removed the clamps from her labia. Celine barely noticed. When he loosened the cuffs, her body still shook. Only when he removed the tube from her clitoris, Celine cried out in pain again. She carefully touched the little erect nub.

“Masturbate,” Dom ordered.
“It’s so sensitive.”
“Masturbate, I said.”
Celine climaxed almost immediately.
“What’s your score?” Dom asked.
Celine blushed before she answered: “5/5.”

Dom ordered Celine to masturbate again, and after her next climax, he told her to turn around. While he fucked her, she orgasmed again.

Afterwards they each sat with a glass of wine.
“Satisfied?” Dom asked.
“Yes,” said Celine and sighed with a smile, “it was pretty insane.”

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