Center of Attention

Her marble white body was a stark contracts against the black satin sheets. People stayed close — men and women. Like a cat she stretched her naked body, arching her back and pushing her breasts out. Hard nipples showed her excitement, and would she spread her legs, wetness would glisten in the low light of the room.

Karo turned over on her front, and pushed her bottom up in the air. As she lowered her hips again, she pushed onto her hands, her upper body lifting from the bed, her head bent backwards. Her long blond hair covered her shoulders.

On either side of Karo a woman now kneeled on the bed, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples. Karo’s closed her eyes, allowing the mixture of pleasure and pain to run through her body, to ignite those particles that wasn’t on fire just yet. Hands caressed her bottom, followed the line of her buttocks to between her legs. Karo spread her legs; fingers discovered her excitement.

Now on her back, Karo kissed first one, then the other woman. A mouth covered her mound; a tongue running up and down her slit. Karo moaned when teeth found her labia and just as the pain became almost unbearable, the gentle licking and sucking was back. Just as she wanted to ease into the sensual feelings, her nipples were pinched and twisted. She arched her back, pushing into the pain, breathing hard.

The moment the cock pushed into her mouth, fingers entered her cunt. Her tongue circled the flesh in her mouth. The man put his hands on either side of her head, pulled out until only the tip of his cock was still between her lips and then he pushed back in. Slowly. Agonizingly slow. Karo stopped her attempts to lick and suck him, opened her mouth wider and waited for him to push all the way in. When he hit the back of her throat, she breathed hard through her nose, suppressing the gag reflex. He held still for several seconds, and only when Karo started fighting him, he pulled out again.

Every time he pushed into her throat, she forgot about the fingers penetrating her, and didn’t feel the pain of her twisted nipples. Her body was fully aware of all sensations, her clitoris tingling with desire, her nipples begging for release.

Her eyes flew open when all sensations stopped. No more pinching. No more finger-fucking. No more deep-throating. Again she was alone on the bed, but now her body screamed to be touched, begged to be filled. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed; then ran her hands towards her crotch, where she dipped her fingers into her own wetness. Just as she closed her eyes and surrendered to the gentle ministrations of her own digits, someone grabbed her wrists, pushed them up above her head and in the same movement pushed her legs up over their shoulders. A cock entered her, and immediately fucked her hard. Karo didn’t care who fucked her; she cared about being fucked.

Fucked hard.

Fucked to orgasm.

No more pain. No more pinching. Only the cock in her cunt, fucking her to oblivion and back again. Even before she climaxed, Karo knew she wanted more. She wasn’t done yet. She needed more of everything — pain, pleasure, fucking and orgasms. As the cock pulled out, she looked around the room, at the men and women watching her, and beckoned them to come closer.

Once again, Karo closed her eyes, only aware of the sensations as several hands covered her body.

© Rebel’s Notes

Wicked Wednesday
© Rebel’s Notes

9 thoughts on “Center of Attention

  1. Naomi Rex’s lover asks: did it hurt getting the piercing in your lips of your labia? What does it feel like when you’re walking around? Sorry I’m such an ignorant at 80 years old. Just starting to be educated. I love your stories. You are a beautiful woman.

    1. It always hurts to get pierced, and through the labia even more so. In the beginning there’s some sensation when you walk around, but you get used to it.
      Thank you for your compliments, Rex!

  2. I love how short and punchy this is. Very relatable feelings! And so hot!

  3. I love the blur between what is real and what isn’t and the way she gets so completely lost in the experience ?

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