Bristled Climax

Sheila is not really a submissive, but more a lover of kinky play, and she especially loved being in a session with Dom, ever since he was the one to ‘supervise’ her gangbang. Today she had impulsively booked a session with Dom when he walked by while she was hanging in the communal area. She was in a playful mood, and soon infected Dom with it too.

Dom put a collar around her neck, cuffs around her wrists and tied her wrists to the collar. Dom put a short chain on the collar — no more than two lengths of his hand — and clipped it to a hook on the floor. Sheila was on her knees, her nose almost on the ground. Dom tied rope around her legs, just above her knees, spreading her legs so she would be open and available at all times.

Recently Dom had bought a brush with a mixture of soft and firm bristle. This was exactly what he wanted to use during this session.

He softly ran the bristles over her bottom. The pace of her breathing increased slightly, while her hands tightly grabbed the short chain. The brush barely touched her anus. Sheila breathed out loudly. Dom repeated the action, but also ran the brush over her wet slit. The bristles teased her openings, her lips and her clitoris. Her lips have parted under the slight pressure of the brush, and her wetness glistened in the mood lighting in the room.

Dom continued the ritual of running the bristles from one sensitive area to the next, and listened to Sheila’s breathing, the way it seemed more labored, and she blew the air out through her nose, fighting the intense sensations.

Dom decided on a different approach. For ten seconds he quickly ran the bristles over her anal opening, waited for ten seconds and then he did the same to her clit. Ten seconds rest, ten seconds over her wet spot. Ten seconds rest. Anus, Rest. Clit. Rest. Cunt.

Sheila became restless and violently fought against her restraints. Dom stoically continued, alternating between quick and slow movements. Sheila snorted.

“Let me come!” she howled.
“Not yet,” Dom said in a calm voice.

The bristles on the brush were wet by now, and Sheila’s horniness stuck to her legs. The main effect of the bristles have mostly disappeared, but it kept on stimulating Sheila and brought her to the brink of an orgasm.

“Let me come,” she panted, “I have to. I have to…”
Dom decided to grant Sheila her release, but instead of doing it quickly, he slowly moved the bristles over her clitoris, until he noticed that an orgasm was inevitable. Sheila’s body shook violently and Dom quickly untied her legs so she could enjoy her orgasm. Sheila roared like a trapped animal. Dom quickly unclipped the chain, but her body shocked so hard that he couldn’t untie her wrists. Sheila’s orgasm was intense, and lasted for minutes. Only once she quieted down he took the cuffs off.

Finally Sheila quieted down, but immediately her hands lowered to her cunt, where she penetrated herself with two fingers of each hand, and stayed like that for a while. She stared at the ceiling while her breathing returned to normal, and she finally turned her face to Dom, smiling broadly and entirely satisfied.

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