The maid

Robin became a frequent visitor of Dom’s Place. In the downstairs social area she had met Sheila, and the two young women immediately became friends. It didn’t take long for them to move from friends to lovers, and they started book duo sessions with Dom. Sheila was only interested in kinky fucking, while Robin enjoyed to receive a paddling.

Some sessions, Dom didn’t have to do anything to entertain Sheila and Robin. Their only requirement for him was to play along with their game.

This was the case on a Friday evening when Robin walked into Dom’s living. Dom had just poured himself a glass of champagne.
“You want a glass too, Robin?” he asked.
“Oh yes, please!”
Dom got up to get the bottle, but Robin stopped him.
“Stay seated, we will be served tonight.”
He sat down again, raising his eyebrows to Robin.

“Champagne, please,” Robin called.
The door opened. Sheila walked in, the bottle of champagne and a glass for Robin in her hands.
“Two glasses of champagne, I presume?” she asked matter-of-fact.

Image of Betty Boop as a waitress.

Dom looked her up and down while she served their drinks. Sheila wore a small, black apron, trimmed with white lace, and a halfcup bra, also in black and trimmed with white. Other than that she was naked. Hard nipples adorned her big breasts, which were only supported by the flimsy bra. From his seated position, Dom had a perfect view on Sheila’s pussy. He played their game, not showing any emotion or approval for Sheila’s attire.

The conversation was easy-going, without any sexual innuendos. Sheila and Robin talked about the future, about studying and work and other every day subjects. None of them paid any attention to the fact that Sheila was the only half-naked person in the room. The moment Dom’s glass was empty, Sheila stood up to pour him another glass. She took her role as maid quite seriously. She emptied the bottle in his glass.

“There are more people over here,” Robin said with acted indignation.
“I have something else,” Sheila said. She positioned herself in front of Robin, spread her legs and pulled her labia apart. Dom smiled and wondered how Robin would handle this reversal of roles.

She held her glass under Sheila’s cunt.
“Not really a quick service over here,” she said, looking at Dom.
“Quality has its requirement,” Sheila said, her voice brimming with confidence.

It takes a couple of moments before a thin stream of piss filled the glass halfway.
“You want some too?” Sheila challenged Dom.
“No. I’m sticking to my brand, unless you want me to slap your cunt.”
“I can’t help you with that,” Sheila said with a mischievous smile, “my cunt serves for other things.”

Sheila seemed calm on the outside, but having seen her in several sessions, Dom knew that she was soaking wet already. He had also noticed the extra wetness when she had spread her labia. In the meantime, Robin drinks from her glass, provocatively watching Sheila, who just smiled at her and turned away to get Dom another bottle of champagne.

“Quite a luxury, such a service,” Robin teased and when Sheila passed her, she grabbed her between the legs. Sheila’s cool composure crumbled and her breathing hitched. The young women seemed frozen in a moment, their eyes locked while both maintaining their positions. Their eyes challenged each other, while Robin’s fingers pushed into Sheila’s wetness. One by one she added a finger, and slowly she worked more of her hand inside. Sheila’s face betrayed no emotions. She moved only to spread her legs a bit more, to accommodate more of Robin’s hand.

Dom watched the scene and nipped his champagne.

Sheila broke the eye contact with Robin as her eyes flashed to Dom’s. She lost all control as she bent forward to support herself on Robin’s shoulders; Robin who tirelessly fisted Sheila. Sheila closed her eyes, her head thrown back, her nipples big and hard and a moan escaping her as her orgasm weakened her legs.

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