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I have been approached by Svakom to review one of their beautiful toys, the Svakom Nymph. I liked the look of the toy and agreed to do an honest review. Where my blog is not mainly for reviews, I do like to review toys that look like they can be interesting to use, or toys I have heard others rave about.

Packaging & Contents

The toy was sent to me in a discreet brown box. Inside the box was Nymph’s box, a rectangular box with the image of the pink toy on it. This was just a sleeve, which when I pulled it off, revealed a white box with the brand name, Svakom, printed on it. The first thing you see when you take off the lid is the toy and under that you find the pouch bag, the charging cable and some booklets. The toy is beautifully packed and presented.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

The first thing I thought of when I saw the Nymph, was that it looks like an Octopus with only three legs. On the top you have a round bulbous head, with a slender neck and then a thicker piece that resembles a body and ends in three legs.

The toy itself is made of very soft, environmentally friendly silicon and body-safe ABS. The toy is only 15 centimeters long and about 4 centimeters in diameter on the widest point. It weighs only 124 grams and is powered by a lithium battery. This battery charges within 40 minutes after which you can use the toy for 1.5 hours. Another bonus: the toy is fully waterproof!

How does it work?

The Nymph has three legs or tentacles which are described as massaging and grasping. They move individually in circles. You can’t alter the patterns in which the tentacles move, but you can vary the intensity from full to 75% and down to half power. The C-button is the one you have to use to operate the ‘legs’ of the toy.

On the other end you have the bulbous head, and to get that to vibrate, you have to press and hold the S-button. To change the intensity of the vibrations you click the button once, and to change the pattern, you double-click it. There are five intensity modes, and five vibrate modes.

Where you can use the tentacles of the toy anywhere on your body — for example, not only clitoris but also nipples — you can use the head of the toy either on your clitoris or inside your vagina. The tentacles are not only pleasurable for women, but can be used for men too, which makes this a different kind of ‘couples toy’.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I absolutely loved the soft feel of the toy in my hands. I first pressed down the C-button to get those tentacles moving, but was disappointed in the sound. It wasn’t really loud-loud, but it was loud enough that I knew someone on the other side of the bedroom door would be able to hear it. I wondered whether the sound would be softer if I pressed it down on my nipple or clitoris, but unfortunately this made the sound even louder. It was almost as if the ‘motor’ which moves the tentacles strained to move them once they seemed to be ‘trapped’. I guess this means that the tentacles are not to press down firmly, but rather to be used for light teasing, which works, if you can get pass the idea of someone overhearing you.

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The other side of the toy, however, was perfect! The sound was very low, and the vibrations very good. A bit of wetness from myself, and then pressing it down on my clitoris (which is my preferred method for a climax) and I totally approved the toy! I might not use the tentacles that much, but the head-side is perfect.

I used the toy in the bedroom, but next time I will take it into the shower with me. I’m sure it will make my shower even more enjoyable!

Where to buy?

The Svakom Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator can be bought from the site of Svakom for 109 US Dollars.

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  1. It looks like a very pretty toy. It’s a shame about the motor on the tentacle setting. I’d be interested to hear whether using it in the shower dampened the noise, or amplified it.

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