Soft Ass

I was all enthusiast when I saw the Sinful Sunday prompt for June: soft focus. I was going to use a pair of tights, but Master T suggested I buy a soft filter for my camera, and then try that out. Of course I was instantly convinced to buy the filter, but seriously, once I had done the images, I am not sure just how much I am a fan of this kind of photography. Yes, I like the dreamy feel, but some of my photos even looked like they were… well… blurred. I have chosen the one I liked best, and have enhanced the soft focus effect a bit using Lightroom.

An image of my bottom wearing knickers and a soft focus filter over it.
I present to you: my soft ass!

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June Challenge

28 thoughts on “Soft Ass

  1. I love the angle you have on your bottom and the knickers with wide lace panels, they really enhance the curves of your backside. It looks peachy and invites a gentle touch. The edit & the colour of the lingerie is reminiscent of sepia photographs.

  2. Very soft indeed! I love how romantic and sensual this image of you is, those are some gorgeous knickers! The muted colours and relaxed pose really compliment the subtle soft focus x

  3. Lovely behind… and panties! I am a big fan of soft focus. I use it a lot in my own photos. I like the dreamy feel… and it hides things on and around my body that I don’t care to show. ?

  4. I love your panties, even more because they are gray (I love gray), and mostly because you make them look even better!

  5. This is definitely my kind of soft focus. Beautiful. Also, I want those knickers! #jealous

  6. I like how the soft focus actually makes the whole picture have a warm glow to it! I like it!
    (But I must admit, for myself, I am not big fan of soft focus either!)

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