Simple Lust

A hand cups my cunt.

It’s simply that – a hand covering my cunt.

No movement. No pressure.

Just a hand on my sex.

I lie there. My eyes closed. My entire focus is on the hand. The hand cupping my cunt. The motionless hand sparking something deep inside. I want to push my legs together to trap the wetness, but I too stay still. A desire bubbles in my chest; wetness trickles between my labia. An involuntarily twitch of my sex seems to waken the hand. It grips my cunt; bundles my labia together and just before it gets painful, it lets go. Ever so softly a finger trails its way from the bottom of my right labium to the top, breaks contact with my skin and then runs down my left labium. The hand cups my cunt again, but now it applies pressure; pressure and movement.

What if I push my hips up to encourage the hand to do more?

I don’t. I wait.

Once more my labia are gently stroked, before one by one they are rolled between two fingers. Even though they are not touched, both the entrance of my vagina and my clitoris seem to be stimulated by this strange massage. I clench my pelvic muscles; feel my wetness escape. Before it gets too far, a finger scoops it up and spreads it over my clitoris. This time I can’t help myself. I push my legs together, momentarily trapping the finger, until I let my knees fall to the side again.

God, I’m horny.

I want an orgasm. I want this feeling to last forever.

I stay still as the fingers trails its way up and down my labia again, one moment massaging it, the next only a soft touch. A sigh escapes my open mouth when finally the finger circles my clitoris and stays there. Slow circles, just not touching my clitoris. I want more, and sigh once more when the finger pressed deep inside me, feeling the ridges on the inside of my vagina, drowning in the wetness.

My cunt feels empty as the finger pulls out, but that feeling is quickly replaced by once again concentrating on my clitoris. Now it doesn’t only circle the little nub, but also rubs over it, sometimes allowing a second finger to join in. My fluids slowly trickle from my cunt while the fingers move in a rapid tempo, building the orgasm I have been craving. I tense the muscles in my legs. Push upwards against the fingers. Feel my nipples respond to the simple lust in my body.

My mouth open, my breath comes in ragged puffs.

My eyes closed, I see my spread legs, my wet cunt, my hand rubbing my clit.

My mind’s picture and the intense feeling between my legs are enough to send me over the edge. My orgasm washes through my body, leaving me breathless, my heart racing in my chest.

My hand cups my cunt.

It’s simply that – my hand covering my cunt.

No movement. No pressure.

Just my hand on my sex, feeling the final twitches of my orgasm.

© Rebel’s Notes

June Challenge

11 thoughts on “Simple Lust

  1. I loved this Marie. From the picture I expected it to be self pleasure, but your clever use of words had me thinking it was another person, the pleasure was doled out so teasingly. Well done, it isn’t so easy to deny yourself – I loved this. One of the best I’ve read recently xx

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