The sauna master

A man with cloth around his loins getting ready for a sauna infusion.Oh god, the moment he twisted his hips, I moaned.

I didn’t want to be here. No, that’s not entirely true. It was just that a hot sauna wasn’t a place I frequently went in on our spa days. I preferred the swimming pool and the sunbeds and the bubble baths, as well as the occasional massage. However, when my friend suggested to try a sauna infusion for the first time, I indulged her.

I didn’t see the sauna master until we were already seated. Did they select them on looks? The man was gorgeous with his dark hair and equally dark, brooding eyes. The strong lines of his jaw enhanced the fact that he was called a master.

Something stirred inside of me, especially when his eyes seemed to rest on me a bit longer than on anyone else. I was sure this was only my imagination, but the butterflies in my tummy weren’t convinced. At that moment, I was overly aware of my nakedness, despite everyone else being naked too.

Except for him.

He was only half-naked. A red and white checkered sauna cloth covered his loins. Was he naked under there? I shook my head, looked down at the wooden floor between my feet, and concentrated on his words. The first aroma would be oranges, then sandalwood, and mint at the end. He explained that we could leave the sauna cabin at any moment if we couldn’t handle the heat anymore.

I heard the hissing of the hot stones when he poured water on it. The sound repeated a couple of times and then it went quiet. When I looked up he had just picked up a big fan that he had to hold with both hands. He walked to stand in front of the hot stones, planted his feet right under his broad shoulders and started to sway the fan from side to side.

That was when he started to twist his hips. My eyes were fixed on his firm bottom, and filthy thoughts raced through my mind. Was he naked under the cloth? Was his cock and balls swinging between his spread legs and with the twisting of his hips, as he alternated his weight from one foot to the other to counteract the swaying off the fan. My eyes followed his butt when he turned sideways to blow the warm, orange-flavored air over the people to my left. When he turned towards us, my eyes fixed on the bulge of his cock. It was the whiff of hot air that made me close my eyes.

Or was it the delicious trickle of wetness that escaped my cunt?

The warm air washing over me perked my nipples. I was acutely aware of everything around me, and consumed by the images in my mind. People around us left, one by one. He turned towards me as the last one closed the door behind them. Gently touching my shoulder he pushed me down on my back; his other hand loosened the checkered cloth. His rigid cock sprang forward. I spread my legs. Watched as he kneeled between my knees, and guided his cock to accept my open invitation. His gorgeousness penetrated and overwhelmed me. A moan of pure lust escaped my lips as I stared up into his dark eyes.

My eyes flew open when my friend bumped against my arm. The sauna master was right in front of me.
“Are you okay?” he asked, and that was when I realized that everyone had heard my moan, and that my pussy throbbed with lust. I grabbed my towel and hurried to get to the door, mumbling: “A bit too hot for me…”

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