Twice the Fun

A hot summer’s night.

We had been outside since early afternoon. Once the groceries and chores were done, we retreated to our secluded back garden, ready to relax. It was too hot to do anything, after all. We talked, we read, we checked social media, and of course we had our drinks and a light dinner too. There were still some snacks on the table, and enough to drink, and in the meantime it wasn’t only the two of us anymore. Late afternoon some friends had joined us, and now there were only five of us left. The company was good, conversation was easy, and the silent moments weren’t uncomfortable.

I looked up at the dark, moonless sky, enjoying the moment of quiet that enveloped us all. It didn’t last long.
“Have you ever been part of a moresome?”
I looked up at the speaker, but didn’t answer, not knowing who the question was directed at. Apparently it was a question for the group, but no one answered. The same speaker answered the question: “I haven’t.”

No one else had either.

Less than half an hour later, I found myself naked on my back, on the table between the food and glasses. The hands of three men and one woman roamed my body, and soon someone had his mouth on my cunt, and I was licking and sucking the pussy of the other woman, her knees resting on either side of my head. The sensations were everywhere… my clit, my vagina, my tits, my body.

I was pulled from the table, when the other woman disappeared from view. I heard her moans of pleasure and the slapping of bodies hitting each other, and smiled when I realized she was being fucked, but soon my attention was consumed by the demands of my own body. I straddled my husband in his seat, and guided his cock inside. He reclined the chair and pulled me with him; held me tight to his chest. Sweat dripped from my body. These were no temperatures for intense physical action, and at the same time these were the temperatures that literally boiled my blood to a horny state.

I jerked when someone smeared something soft between my buttocks. My husband held me tighter; whispered in my ear: “Just let it happen. You know you want this.”
He was right. I had been fantasizing about this for so long, but at the same time I was afraid I might not be able to handle it.
“Just relax,” he whispered once more.
I tried, but couldn’t help to clench around the finger entering my ass. As I slowly surrendered to the feeling, enjoyed it even, another finger slipped in with the first. It stretched me some, making me tense, until I relaxed again. The fingers twisted and turned. My pussy dripped with desire by the time the third finger entered my dark hole.

I sighed when the fingers disappeared, and tensed again when more lubrication – I had no idea what they were using – was smeared around and inside my opening. A delicious fear gripped my body when I felt the tip of a cock pressing at my entrance. Once again my husband whispered soothing words, telling me to relax, reminding me how much I wanted this. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to relax, and as I did, the cock gently entered me, waited, pushed in a bit more, and waited again. My husband had stopped fucking me. His cock was buried deep inside me, motionless except for the occasional twitch of excitement. I trusted him, and I trusted he man behind me, because my husband allowed him to fuck me like this.

With both cocks all the way inside me, pushed in to the hilt, I was full. Stretched. Horny. So incredibly horny. I took a couple of moments to enjoy the twitching of the two cocks inside me, and then I pulled away just a fraction, only to push back again. This was what the men had been waiting for. First my husband started fucking me again, and then the man behind me did the same. Push in my cunt, pull from my ass, push in my ass, pull from my cunt. They found a rhythm I couldn’t keep track of, as a delicious feeling ran through my body and nestled itself in the tightness of my nipples; the neediness of my body to explode in an orgasm.

But, I was not ready yet to let go. I wanted to savour this feeling, wanted to make it go on forever. The men pushed in harder. Oh my god, I thought, I am being fucked in both holes. I am used like a slut.

It was like my husband read my thoughts, or maybe my body betrayed that I was close to orgasm.
“You are such a slut,” he whispered, “my personal fuck-whore.”
I moaned; tightened my muscles, trying to keep the orgasm from happening.
“You’re nothing but two holes at this moment. My slut; her holes used as it should be.”
“I’m your slut,” I sighed, “your slut.”

It wasn’t my own horniness that pushed me over the edge, but the two cocks twitching inside me as the men emptied their balls. The pure sexiness of that, the magnitude of what they had just done to me, elicit a long, loud moan for me as fluid gushed from my cunt.

As we all sat with our drinks after, all naked and spent, I started laughing.
“Well, I can now say I had a threesome and a moresome!”

Note: The above is a fantasy of mine, and had been for years.

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15 thoughts on “Twice the Fun

  1. I just know this is going to come to mind next time we have friends round and I fancy one of them – you could get me into so much trouble!

  2. So, so sexy Marie !!!
    So beautifully written and described . . . I was sure you were going to end by telling us your fantasy had become reality !!!
    So, so sexy !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Rebel, I love how you set the stage for this one — which is a recurring fantasy of mine, too. And I love the husband character, and the way his presence makes the moment possible. Like this line:

    My husband held me tighter; whispered in my ear: “Just let it happen. You know you want this.”

    So hot. It’s not just the sex! It’s that connection. ?

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