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an image of an open pill bottle with different colored pills on a white surfaceIt’s no secret that there are quite a number of medicines out there that fucks with your libido, and not in a good way. Just take anti-depressants. I think those are the worse, the one that really reduces a sex drive into zero numbers. However, apparently when you do use anti-depressants, you should keep on trying to find one that helps for your depression, but doesn’t take away your libido. Where the same medicine might reduce the sex drive of one person, it won’t in someone else. So keep on trying, until you find something that works for you.

Master T, back when he used anti-depressants in 2017/8, didn’t try to find something that worked for him. He started taking the tablets the doctor subscribed, and it stole his sex drive. It stole his sex drive, but didn’t help with his depression. The only thing that helped was therapy, and after about nine months on the anti-depressants, he was allowed to stop to see whether he still needed them. He already said that once it was out of his system, he would never use it again. He didn’t, but his sex drive didn’t improve.

Apart from the depression, he also has a severe vitamin D deficiency, and he had to take iron tablets for a couple of months because of an iron deficiency. He is due for blood tests any day now, to see what his current levels are. We already know that he has to take vitamin D for the rest of his life, but I have a feeling he might have to take iron supplements again, as he’s still tired and there’s still little to no sex drive.

Part of him not having a sex drive is discomfort and pain, but I do believe that his vitamin D deficiency is the main cause of his almost non-existent sex drive. Where anti-depressants seem to have stolen his sex drive, I now believe it only completed what the vitamin D deficiency has already started back then. In men, when they have this deficiency, one of the results from that is low testosterone levels, where in women it causes low estrogen levels. Testosterone in men and estrogen in women are needed for a sex drive.

Vitamin D is essential for the body’s hormone management. If the vitamin D levels in your blood is as they should be, your sex drive will improve. So it sounds easy: Master T should just take a vitamin D supplement and his sex drive will return. However, it’s not that easy. He does take the supplement, but now, even after two years, his levels are not rising as they should. Then he should get more meds, one would say, but apparently there is no clear protocol just yet in vitamin D deficiencies and some doctors don’t see the importance of more tablets. We have a wonderful GP, but he is one of those who says as long as Master T keeps on taking the tablets he has now, his vitamin D will be okay. And, I have a husband who is exactly like his mother was: what the doctor says is what he does. I have tried to get him to be more pro-active about getting better medication for his vitamin D, but he won’t. The GP said the meds he’s taking is okay, and that’s what he does.

Sometimes it’s not the medicine you take that steals your libido, but the those you don’t take. And sometimes it’s not only about meds, but about pain too.

I will keep on fighting for Master T to take more meds, or I might just have to have a stern talk with our GP. Ha, that made me laugh. Can you even imagine it, me sitting there, telling the GP he should do a better job giving Master T a vitamin supplement? We’ll see. I might just mention it to the GP the next time I see him, whenever that might be.

And in the meantime?

In the meantime I will keep on trying to convince Master T to do something about the vitamin D, to see whether we can at least get half of his sex drive back!

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8 thoughts on “Medicine and Sex

  1. For my husband, age 70, blood pressure and blood sugar levels influence his libido. Neither are high enough for him to be prescribed medication, but they are something his dr keeps an eye on. We have noticed that a beer and a rich dessert will mean we go to sleep early.

    Has there been any discussion of an erectile disfunction med? Viagra?

      1. Vitamin D is tricky too. I have friends who take it and never see their levels rise. It’s something the body should synthesize on its own and it’s essential to so many processes. We call it a vitamin, but it is actually a hormone.

        While I would never suggest sunbathing without one, sunscreens are one of the main reasons for the widespread problem of Vit D deficiency, along with daily bathing with soap which strips the skin of the natural oils necessary to produce it in the body .

        I dont know where you live, but would it be possible for Master T to spend a few minutes every morning or evening in the sun without sunscreen? If the exposure is within an hour or two around sunrise/sunset, the danger of burning, etc is lessened, unless he is very fair or you are very close to the equator. Then all bets are off.

        Back before sunscreens were invented, my Irish mother never let us outdoors in full sun between 10am and 2pm in the spring and summer, and Ive kept this habit, along with big hats, long sleeves and, when I can’t avoid the sun, a parasol. I’ve never used sunscreens.

  2. I had no idea that vitamin D affects the sex drive. I truly hope that Master T finds something that works for him, maybe you could muster up enough courage to talk to the GP or maybe go in the exam room with him? I have done that in the past.
    When the doctors prescribe medications for depression it is so tricky to get something the works for a person. I hope that it works out for you both and you both find the answers you’re looking for.

    1. I have actually spoken to Master T and if his vitamin D is not good yet, he might start taking cod liver oil, which helps with the absorption of vitamin D.

  3. Vitamin D is a tricky one for the body to absorb. It need the right conditions. For example fats are required for Vit D absorption into the stomach- but not certain vegetable oils – omega 3(fish oils) works well with Vit D – so if his levels are not getting any higher there may be a chance it is cause of an absorption problem x

  4. Oh, give his doc all the pushback you want! I think questioning is an important part of the process.

    This is a good post, Rebel, I bet a lot of people will connect to it. ?

  5. It seems to me that perhaps your GP should be referring MT to a consultant.. I mean there’s obviously a reason his body isn’t storing or metabolising the tablets and other avenues/causes should be considered. Perhaps you have already seen a consultant? But if not I’d be pushing for a referral to someone who has more tools in their tool belt (so to speak)!

    My stepfather was given testosterone implants when his levels dropped and it helped his energy and mood no end.

    I hope you get MT sorted. ❤️ It must be hard on you both. I often worry about the toll my health issues take on MrH but he just says “in sickness and health baby”

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