God gave women breasts to admire, and a heart-shaped ass as a consolation when they walk away.
~ Reece Butler

I can’t take part in Every Damn Day In June, hosted by my hot wifey Hyacinth Jones, without taking part in her Boobday meme at least once!

I’m not a religious person, or rather, I don’t believe in the god they mention in the Bible, but I do believe that there is something bigger than us out there. Whatever it is, whatever you call it, I respect that. I believe we are all the makers of our own destiny, and things we do or learn today, can come back to bite or benefit us many years from now. Kindness is one of the things I believe brings people together, as does friendliness, love, and respect. It costs absolutely nothing to smile at people, to be kind.

I liked this quote because the image I chose to share today doesn’t only show one of my breasts, but also part of my ass. I love my breasts, and even though my bottom is quite round, I love it too. I guess this means I am more or less showing off the two favorite parts of my body today!

Looking away, and halfway covered, but sharing enough…

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