Fan the Flames

Today, she vowed, she would fan the flames of creativity, passion and excitement and not the flames of hurt and anger.
~ Queenisms

Today is the last day of Every Damn Day in June 2019, and I want to thank Hy for once again hosting it! So many bloggers participated, and it was wonderful to see the creativity, the sense of community, the warm comments, and the participation. In my image today I might be holding the fan, but it’s Hy who fanned the flames of creativity, passion and excitement this month, by giving us all a place to link our posts.

An image of me wearing a black fishnet dress, one breast exposed and holding a fan in front of my face.
Can you feel the heat? The flames of positivity? They’re so much nicer than any negativity!

© Rebel’s Notes

June Challenge

14 thoughts on “Fan the Flames

  1. I really love your dark background as it highlights you so well, gorgeous dress and the addition of your fan is so fun and sexy. I need a fan in my life I feel! X

  2. Marie – my mind was already screaming “Wahoo!” at the thumbnail sized image! You look voluptuous, and fecund.
    I love how you’re using the fan (I noticed you said to LittleGem you had one for hiding your face in pictures recently)

  3. I love the way the patterns in the dress and fan compliment one another … and you, and your pose, look GORGEOUS!

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