A guy is a guy…

Music blared from the car as the sped down the empty highway in the hot desert sun. Beth caught Sam’s eye as they sang together to Elvis Presley’s song, It’s Now or Never. Beth had her feet up on the dashboard, her long sun-browned legs fully exposed; her crotch just not visible to Sam’s eyes. Not that she cared if he could see her knickers. Beth smiled at Sam and turned her eyes back to the road again, continuing her singing.

They had been looking forward to this trip for months — their first one away from the scrutinizing eyes of their parents. It seemed their parents are forever waiting for them to announce wedding plans, but that wasn’t one of their priorities. They wanted to see the world before they settled down, and frankly, they weren’t even sure that they were made for each other. Enjoying life was their top priority, and where their parents didn’t approve of this trip, there was nothing they could do to stop it.

The music changed; the sounds of Unchained Melody filled the inside of the car, and drifted off into the desert. All through the song they didn’t look at each other, the words about hungering for a touch a truth for both of them.

“Sam, I need to pee,” Beth said when the song ended.
“I don’t know when we will be at the next gas station,” he said.
“I don’t care,” Beth laughed, “just stop somewhere next to the road and I will pee there.”
Sam shifted in his seat, but Beth didn’t notice his sudden discomfort. She jumped from the car the moment he stopped at the side of the road. One look up and down the long, straight highway, she confirmed that no cars were coming, pulled her dress up, her knickers down and crouched down to pee next to the car.

“Fuck, no!” she said when she stood up again.
“What?” Sam asked, keeping his eyes in front of him, the way he did from the moment Beth jumped out of the car.
“My knickers. I pissed on them!”
She had barely said it when she sat down next to Sam again.
“Look,” she said, “they are all wet!”
Beth held her knickers between two fingers for him to see.

“Are you… do you… have you…” Sam stuttered.
“Yes, Sam, I have pissed on my knickers and I am not going to wear wet ones… so yes… now I don’t wear any knickers.”
Sam slowly turned his head. His lust was mirrored in her eyes.
“Try to find a more secluded spot?”
Beth’s words were both a statement and a question.

Sam started the car and several miles onward, he found a dirt road running away from the highway. He drove about a mile and stopped, leaving the engine running, another song of Elvis loud on the radio. Beth’s door swung open, and standing in front of the car, she slowly pulled her dress over here head. Only now Sam realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. She raised her hand, curled a finger and beckoned for him to join her. A second invitation wasn’t necessary.

Their actions were urgent, partly born from lust, partly from the thrill of being outdoors. Kissing hard, their hands roamed. Their bodies were familiar, yet every time they had sex, it felt like the first time; their lust insatiable. Beth pushed her hand between Sam’s legs, feeling his erection throbbing through the material of his pants. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic and started pushing it down. Once the lower half of his body was naked, his pants and underpants pooled around his ankles, she turned around, leaned forward onto the hot bonnet of the car and wiggled her ass as an invitation.

Sam’s hands opened her for him, and her cunt welcomed him inside. He slowly pushed in, savoring the velvet touch of her pussy closing around him. Pushed in to the hilt, he pulled out again, just as slow. In. Out. Slow. Faster. Slower. Seeking a rhythm. Changing the rhythm. Harder. Softer.

“Yes, like that,” Beth sighed, “just like that.”
Sam was so lost in his own feelings that he actually stopped moving.
“No, don’t stop,” Beth moaned, “don’t stop. Follow the rhythm of the music. Fuck me to the rhythm of the music. Please, please fuck me.”

So I walked up the stairs like a good girl should
He followed me up the stairs like I knew he would

The Doris Day song playing on the radio had the perfect rhythm. Sam followed the rhythm, pushed in and pulled out, as if tapping his fingers to the song. Beth moaned and sighed and pushed back against his cock.

Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be
So listen and I’ll tell you what this fella did to me

“Fuck me, Sam.”

So I walked down the aisle like a good girl should
He followed me down the aisle like I knew he would

Sam fucked her. Harder, but still to the rhythm of the song.

Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be
And now you’ve heard the story of what someone did to me

“Fuck me, Sam, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck, oh god, oh, I’m coming, oh Sam, fuck, fuck, fuck!”
Her foul mouth and the spasms of her cunt muscles pushed Sam over the edge. He emptied his balls deep inside her.

“You know what, Sam,” Beth said after a couple of miles of silence on the highway.
Sam squeezed her hand.
“Tell me, Beth.”
“A guy is a guy, and you might just be my guy. Forever.”

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Awww. I love how you incorporate the song lyrics and the way that affects the pacing of the story.

  2. So hot Rebel! ? I love the thrill of being naked outdoors and getting sexual gratification. You never knew who might wander up.

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