Beautifully decorated…

Body Love… what parts of your body do you love… and what parts do you have trouble accepting?

There was a time in my life where I would have shied away from answering this question, because of a bad body image. There was also a time in my life where I would have looked at this question and not know what to answer, because I didn’t have a particular love for anything but there was also nothing I had trouble accepting. My body just was as it was and I accepted it that way. This was in my teenage years and up to my 24th.

When I was 24, things started changing. I had huge problems with menstruation, and the gynecologist gave me hormones to fix that. I gained weight – 20 kilograms to be precise – but the problems were gone. For eight months. Then they returned, and when I asked the specialist to give me other tablets, he told me there were none. The problems were eventually solved with a hysterectomy just before I turned 25. The weight problems were not solved. I lost half of what I had gained, and then two years later when I was in a toxic relationship, I lost another 20 kilograms and was totally underweight. I had a tummy tuck to remove the loose skin on my tummy, which left me with a huge scar, running in a ‘W’ from hip to hip. Nowadays, even though I have accepted the ugly scar, this is the part of my body I have most trouble accepting – my tummy. Especially now that I am overweight and my tummy is somewhat round, I don’t like looking at it. I will never love the scar, but I have accepted it. I don’t hate my tummy either; it’s just not a favorite part of my body. I might love it again if ever I manage to lose weight again.

I am trying to think of other parts of my body I don’t like, but seriously, I have just accepted that this is who I am, this is what I look like and whether I like it or not, this is the best it will ever be. I guess this is why I don’t linger on whether I like or don’t like parts of my body. Yes, of course I do have my moments where I think utterly ugly thoughts about some parts, but even those moments are not as frequent anymore.

There are parts of my body I really like. I love my calves. I know they are well-shaped and firm. I have always loved them; loved my legs actually. However, currently my thighs are the same as my tummy – just a bit too much. But still my legs are shapely, and of course they run over into two other parts I love. The first are my hips, which are, despite my overweight, beautifully shaped. I am blessed that even when I am overweight, I don’t get the typical ‘saddle bags’ on my upper thighs, which make my hips look awkward. Master T always says that no matter what weight I am, everything is in proper proportion to each other. The second part I really like is my bum.

My bottom is round. Really, really round. I always joke that I have an ‘African bottom’ (no offense to anyone), because it’s so round and big. I don’t mind it being as round as it is, and even when I lose weight, it still is. I actually like it that way, and like my bottom despite it nowadays being covered in cellulite dimples.

Before I move up, I have to move way down first: my feet. I definitely don’t have a feet fetish, but I do love my feet. They are cute and my toes are shaped were the big toe is the longest, and then each to towards the pinkie toe are a bit shorter, giving my feet a beautiful shape. Master T is not fond of feet, but he does touch mine occasionally when I whine a bit about needing a ‘foot rub’.

My eyes were another part of my body that I like, but for the last couple of months I had nothing but problems with them, so much so that I can’t wear make-up anymore. That might change, but for now it’s just always natural me. The, I also like my hair, which is healthy and long and turning into the perfect grey color. I wish my lips were fuller, but don’t mind them being as they are.

nipple piercings
Beautifully decorated…

There’s one part of my body I love to bits. Or maybe that should be two parts? My breasts!

They are round and firm and decorated with beautifully shaped, enormously responsive nipples. And those nipples nowadays are adorned with piercings, of which two golden balls rest on either side of both my nipples. I seriously love this look, and sometimes in the evenings when I go through my piercing-care-routine, I look at my breasts and feel my cunt respond. I love cupping my breasts with my own hand, feeling their weight, feeling their roundness, and I love wearing V-neck dresses where I can show off my cleavage, which of course is formed with the help of a proper push up bra. Of course they hang a wee bit, because of my age, but I still can’t trap a pencil under my breast when I stand.

I absolutely fucking love my breasts!
(And just as a side note: I am pretty fond of my cunt too!)

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  1. I have similar likes and dislikes. I have a hard time with my tummy, but I’m learning to accept it. I used to hate my big behind as a younger person, but now I love it…and my eyes and breasts. I also love my feet and hands and my hair…as it grays naturally. I had a hysterectomy early, too…and I have a nasty c-section scar that creates a shelf on my lower belly. Your descriptions make me feel like we are body twins!

  2. The way you describe your love and appreciation of your breasts comes across as so true and authentic, it is lovely.

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