Virtual Reality Enabling Man fulfilling their Fetish Dreams

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Apart from transforming education and gaming, virtual reality can also bring about a change in people who have a certain sexual paraphilia whereby these people are sexually aroused from fantasies regarding giants have realized that this technology might be one of the best ways to turn fantasies into a reality.

People having fantasies about sex with someone who is taller than them are called Macrophiles. Psychology has to say that this fetish has become quite popular. A majority of the macrophiles are heterosexual males attracted to giant-ness of the female. However, they might also be sexually stimulated from all non-sexual scenarios.

It might be difficult to be involved in a sexual fetish if the fantasy object doesn’t exist. This is the reason, for all these years. Macrophiles had to depend on comics, Hentai, the Japanese anime cartoon, and only recently a soft porn actress who believes that a particular market niche has to be fulfilled.

Katelyn Brooks is the one who has made a name for herself in the circle of Macrophilia. She is also known as Giantess Katelyn. In her website, you will find many non-sexual, as well as sexual videos. The perspective of these videos has been skewed in such a manner that it might appear like she is towering over everything. In fact, you will find videos of Katelyn crushing down model cities or even swallowing up tiny men. There are simulations that show how the tiny men will appear as he falls down through the esophagus into the stomach.

However, all these can be a step to the next level with the technology of virtual reality along with Unity cross-platform, third-dimensional game development engine.

Developing VR Experiences for Macrophiles

VR Fetish videos are being released by Indie game developers on YouTube for free. In here, users will be able to experience what it actually it feels like when he is tiny and a giant sits behind. There are independent porn actresses who have started working with the virtual reality cameraman in order to make tailored high definition video clips for the fans of a giantess.

A user of handlova had written on the Giantess City, the Macrophilia forum that he got a Gear VR headset and since then has started looking over the internet for giantess movies. He has completely been immersed in it.

With the help of the technology, you will be able to look up and then see the giantess towering over the body. It looks quite real. This is much better than the two definition video that you will be able to watch on flat screens. The Gear VR is great since it is completely wireless.

Macrophilia Might Come to a Console near You

A YouTube user who published minimum eleven animation experience related to virtual reality for giantess fans in the last two years, it trying to create a game for the fans of Macrophilia who used Unity game engine and the initial tests tend to be promising.

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