What turns me on?

What turns you on?

It seems like such a simple question, but this is one that freaks me out in a way.


Because I never know what to say, the same way I don’t know what to say when someone asks me what I like (sexually). It’s like I draw a total blank. It has happened many times before in sexy chats that one or both of these questions have been asked, and I totally faltered. I had no idea what to answer.

But, what turns me on…?

In a previous post I have mentioned that I am not turned on my looks, and have never had the feeling that I want to shag someone only because of their looks. I need to feel some kind of click with a person, which only happens in personal conversations (whether online or in person). Once I have felt that click, I might feel turned on. I say ‘might’ because it also happens that I feel a click and I am happy to have that person in my circle of friends/acquaintances, but there might be no sexual attraction.

Even when I feel the click, and I do feel turned on, and I do allow the person to touch me (or rather, Master T allows it to happen), I can still instantly be turned off when my boundaries are crossed. For instance, say the person touches me too intimately in a too public place, or sort of ‘forces’ themselves on me. That can be an instant turn-off and the turn-on will never happen again. I think this boils down to good manners, to consent. So, it seems there I have a combination of personal contact, good manners and consent that turns me on.

I love touch. Simple touching. Thoughtful touching. Add that to the combination above, and I might melt into a puddle. Touch my back and smile at me. Pat my bottom when I walk pass. Touch my arm when you talk to me. Press you knee against mine when we sit next to each other. But… always make sure your touching is appropriate for the company we are in, and that I have consented to it. My consent frequently runs through Master T, as he will never allow anyone to touch me without him and I having discussed it beforehand.

Speaking of Master T…

Of course, even though he’s my husband and my Dom, being turned on also happens between the two of us. He knows me so well; knows exactly how he can turn me on. Sometimes it’s just the way he looks at me, sometimes it’s the way he kisses me, or the way he touches me. Sometimes it’s the love in his voice, sometimes it’s the dominance. There is no one that had ever kissed me the way Master T does, and I don’t think there will ever be anyone else who will be able to ignite my cunt with a kiss the way Master T does. It’s incredibly intimate and filled with all the love we feel for each other.

Sometimes I am turned on and there is no way I would be able to tell you why. I never try to find the trigger, but just go with the feeling of being turned on, and nowadays I mostly use porn to turn me on even more. I will never watch porn and then get turned on, but it’s always the other way around. It’s like the dull ache in my cunt tells me I should touch myself, or use a sex toy, or watch porn…

It’s not only my pussy that sends these kind of messages, but there are times that I suddenly notice a tingling feeling in my nipples, and realize they are hard. It’s only then that I realize I am turned on for some or other reason.

Coming to the end of this post, it seems I have found the things that turn me on, and it makes me sound like a complex person, where in fact I am not. My wiring might just be a bit different than those of others.

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3 thoughts on “What turns me on?

  1. It’s funny how I had the exact same ‘blank’ when I sat down to write the answer. I thought it would be so easy…

  2. I always have the same problem, which is why I asked the question…and I’m going to struggle with it. It drives my Husband crazy that I can’t easily rattle off my fantasies and turn-ons, but it’s never been easy for me either. It all just seems so subtle.

  3. It is really interesting to see what turns other people on. I know what you mean about the consent. And about how easy it is for those who know all of our buttons and triggers. A really interesting post m ?

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