My Tribe

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful woman who have her back.
~ Unknown

My process of deciding on my Sinful Sunday photo is always to select an image and then search for a quote to go with it. For this photo I searched on quotes about black dresses, about blond hair and then on back, and I found the above quote, which I instantly loved, and instantly made me think of the wonderful community I am a part of. Then, because I am easily distracted, I looked through my mail and my eye fell on the title of Violet Fawkes’ post: #SOSS – Sorry, Not Sorry. I clicked on it and read it, and just shook my head, because Violet’s words just seemed to complement the quote above.

I have never been part of a community before, and I have never experienced the support I do in this community. I am grateful for all of you, for your support, whether you comment on most of my posts, or only occasionally click the like button. Thank you for all of you who have my back! Thank you for being part of my tribe!

A photo of me sitting on a stool, my back turned to the camera and wearing a black fishnet dress.
I have their back, the same as my tribe has mine…

© Rebel’s Notes

Sinful Sunday

23 thoughts on “My Tribe

  1. You know that you are an amazing force for love, support, energy and creativity in this community. You make it so much more than it would be without you. I love this image and I love you.

  2. This is a very strong image! (Strong, like you, and strong like the bonds you’ve formed.) Really striking. I love your posture. This just radiates a sort of love and power.

  3. Love this!! I just posted something yesterday about basically the same. Thanking so many but not mentioning names (but one) and I may go back or write another thanking so many. 🙂
    Beautiful picture, quote and reasoning! <3

  4. I have great respect for all you do Marie – because you are a fab person and do everything brilliantly – including this image – to be part of your tribe is an honour x

  5. Your constancy, kindness and encouragement, and that of other role models in this tribe, is crucial in supporting those of us who can’t be around every week. Very proud to know you. x

  6. This is a stunning image of you. I love your pose which is sexy and strong. You are such an influencial part of this community and what you have written is lovely 🙂

  7. Marie – what a shot! what a body and oh Girl! that dress!!
    You are a mover and a shaker in this community and we all have your back, and Violet’s and anyone else who is stumbling and needs a hand to hold, a shoulder to be boosted onto.

  8. Fantastic photo, and what a terrific quote. Quite perfect. I agree with you, I’m new to it, but I’ve already discovered that this community is so warm, kind and supportive, it’s amazing. And you are an integral part of that. ?

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