Trainer Bars

He loved touching her, loved seeing the spark of passion in her eyes when he rolled his thumb over her nipple.
~ Jaci Burton

A ‘trainer bar’ in my nipple while they heal after being pierced.

Ever since my nipples have been pierced again, they are so incredibly sensitive. Not sensitive from hurting after they have been pierced (the pain has literally disappeared after three days), but sensitive to the touch. Even through my clothes it feels lovely to just run my thumb over my nipples. I can’t remember them being so sensitive the previous two times I had them pierced. And… I just love the sight of my pierced nipples!

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19 thoughts on “Trainer Bars

  1. They do look wonderful! I’m not brave enough…I don’t think, but I’m always fascinated by beautifully pierced nipples and do wonder how they’d feel, mine are really sensitive! Gorgeous image, I love the contrasting details of the soft skin and hard metal x

  2. I love mine… and I am so glad I got them done before you had yours re-pierced or I would have serious pining and envy every time you post about them. This is such a beautiful image. x

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