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I love this prompt of Food for Thought Friday, asking us to promote 5 other blogs. At first I thought to promote only new blogs, but then I had a different idea, which means I am going to give my own twist to this post.


You all probably know that there are quite a number of memes going around, some of them longer and more active than others, such as Wicked Wednesday. But, there are also other memes for you to participate in, and two younger memes that have become quite popular are the Erotic Journal Challenge, and Tell Me About. Other memes that run weekly are Food for Thought Friday and Boobday. There are also memes that are ongoing such as The Menopause Diaries. I can totally imagine that this is overwhelming and that everyone has to make choices as to which memes you are going to participate in, but always remember:

you can combine your posts

Sharing is Caring

Post an image of you in a beautiful bra for Boobday, and link it to Lingerie is for Everyone too. Post an image of your beautiful naked boobs for Sinful Sunday, and add that to Boobday too. Write a post for Tell Me About, and link it to Wicked Wednesday too. You can even do three memes at once, like when you write something for the Erotic Journal Challenge, you can link it to Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday too. Meme owners don’t mind when you write one post and link it to several memes, as long as you remember to add the badge of each meme you link to.

For those of you who need a list of all memes, you can find it here.

Smut Marathon

Forgive me for also doing a bit of self promotion, although this is not how I see it. Yes, I am promoting the Smut Marathon, but I do so because in this way I can promote all the brilliant writers for this year’s competition, as well as the sponsors. If you haven’t heard about the Smut Marathon before, it’s an annual year long knockout race for erotic writers. The first edition was in 2018 and there will be a third edition in 2020. Are you a writer and are you up for a challenge, follow the Smut Marathon blog and make sure you sign up for the 2020 competition!

My own

Even though the rest of this post is all my own twist on this week’s prompt, I wanted to include the next question here:

Pick five posts/pages from your own blog that you are particularly proud of and include the links in your post.

There are quite a number of posts on this blog (2500+) and picking only five is quite a task. But, don’t worry, I won’t give this my own twist too. Okay, not entirely. I decided to mention the five things that come to mind first:

  1. The bus tour – I can vividly remember how much fun I had writing this series. It deserves to be mentioned here.
  2. Yellow Cab Service – this is one story I still can’t decide whether I want to continue it or not. Ever since I have written it, it’s still in my mind.
  3. Sinful Sunday photos – a bit of a cheat here, as I am not linking only one post, but a category. I am proud of each and every photo on this site. Over here I wanted to link only the photos that I have taken of myself, but I see I have quite some work to do in tagging all of those, which is another reason why I used the Sinful Sunday category instead of the ‘self photography’ tag.
  4. Life… grief, depression and disability – I believe this was the first time I opened up about Master T’s disability and how hard life is after my mom passed away. That Thursday night in Camden, the weekend of Eroticon 2019, I cried as I write this.
  5. Katie and Steve – I started with a series, so let me end with one. I wrote this one together with a long-time sexy friend, The Traveler, and I am delighted to say that he and I are currently working on a new story!

So, there you have it… I truly believe in spreading the love, and I hope in this post you at least found something you loved!

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