Outdoor Sex

I have written about outdoor sex before, but most of those pieces were fictional.

My personal experience with outdoor sex is quite limited. I have written about it before, like the one time I had sex while on a hiking trail, and another time when a boyfriend and I were somewhere in the dunes together and he had his hands in my pants. There had been other moments hands found there ways inside my panties out in the open. That was back in my teenage years when we went to the drive-in, and it was barely a secret what was happening as everyone was doing it. I have never really viewed that as outdoor sex.

No, to me the excitement about outdoor sex is all about actual sex. Penetrative sex, and whether it’s my cunt or my ass or my mouth (or any combination) that is filled, I don’t care, as long as it’s a sexual act. It’s easy enough to push a hand under a dress, and fondle, but to have full-on sex, where there’s a possibility of being caught ‘in the act’, is much more exciting.

Funny enough, the idea of being caught it mortifying, and the thing I am most afraid of is being caught by or reported to the police (even though I have some fantasies about that too), but still there is such a pull to have outdoor sex. I just want to feel the freedom… the wind in my hair… the sun on my skin.

Will I ever have this kind of sex?

Never say never. There is always a possibility that this can happen.


It will most probably never be with Master T. The way things are now (and I suspect it will never get better than it is now), Master T will never be able to walk long distances, let alone walk in places where the ground is uneven or the potential to fall is too big. I guess this means that outdoor sex will always be a fantasy…

… to be somewhere deep in the woods, bent over a fallen tree, panties dangling around my ankles and a cock pounding inside me. I imagine feeling the bark scratching my skin, but the pain of my hair being pulled like the reigns on a horse is much more intense; more satisfying. While I am fucked, and as much as I loose myself in all sensations, I am aware of the possibility of someone hearing my moans, or someone catching a glimpse of the movement and coming to investigate. Knowing we can be caught adds to the excitement…

… the same scenario as the first, but then with another man standing in front of me, his cock in my mouth. Maybe it should even be a man I don’t know, but who has caught us in the act and has decided to join us…

… our footprints on the beach betray the direction we have taken, and it abruptly stops at the rocks that divide the shoreline of this small coastal place in two. When someone see those prints, will the climb up the rocks and find us there, naked? Or maybe the see us in the other side, fucking on the beach. I know they can’t hear my cries of ecstasy as he brings me to climax over and over again. They can’t hear him grunting as I suck his cock, or understand his words when he calls me ‘his dirty slut’. The thunder of the waves smashing against the rocks hides all sounds, but the sheer force of nature’s sounds keeps the fire burning inside me, making me want more and more…

… we discovered the century-old cemetery months earlier and been there several times, not once encountering another living soul. Today, from the moment we set good on the hallowed ground, something pulled us to the far corner. Under the watchful eyes of several larger-than-life angelic gravestones, he pulls up my dress to reveal the nakedness below and pushes my back against aged stone. Hooking my leg over his arm, my lips spread and my cunt welcomes his intrusion. Our fucking is harsh and urgent, but quiet. Walking back to the car his come trickles down my legs, sticky and hot…

There are more fantasies about outdoor sex, and just like the above, these will remain things I fantasize about. There’s just no way I will ever be able to make this reality with Master T.

And sometimes fantasies are better than reality. Sometimes…

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6 thoughts on “Outdoor Sex

  1. I also really love fucking out in the open, but would be mortified if someone actually came by and saw… just have to be very careful and able to put yourself back together at a moment’s notice! 🙂

    1. thats my fear as well.. we’ve almost been discovered more than once.
      my kids were here for the summer, i was on the floor playing with the dog, kids ran outside, dog followed and hubby took the “opportunity” to rub my clit through my shorts as i laid there. before i knew it my shorts and thong were pushed aside he’d spread my legs far enough to get his dick inside me. i came more than once, and suddenly the back door flies open here come all 3 kids and the dog !!!

  2. having sex in the great outdoors was never really my “thing” nor had i fantasied about it. i “discovered” it when i met my current hubby. on our 1st “date” i took him to the beach just to walk around, the breeze blew mt sundress up, exposing my ass and thong, within a few minutes, i found myself bent over and him drilling me from behind on a public beach. our next encounter happened 2 months later, on the drive back from the airport he fingerfucked me to several orgasms in my car. we didnt make it to my apartment he bent me over the truck of my car and fucked me hard…
    ive been fingered under the table at formal dinners multiple times, he’s slipped his cock into me in elevators and hallways in the past.
    it’s something i do think about once in a while.

    1. We have been caught, fishermen saw us in the dunes. I hadn’t realised what was happening but I saw my OHs full moon running off into the distance!

  3. I like how much you trailed off, it’s a hot fantasy ?. Nothing wrong with imaging this happening. The ‘pulling hair like reins’ I liked, always makes feel more intense for me.

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