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Never would I have written anything about medical staples, had it not been a prompt of Kink of the week. I can safely say, even before writing anything, that this is definitely not my kink. There is nothing in my mind that desires the use of medical staples on my body.

However, even though this is not my kink, I wanted to explore this subject.

Whenever I see an image where medical staples have been used and beautiful ribbon has been threaded through it to make a corset like ‘closure’, I am intrigued. I love the look of it; the beauty of it. Think of red ribbon zigzagging against a pale whit skin – that is a stunning sight, and one I would love to see close-up and take pictures of.

My mind runs on, and I think about how it must feel when the staples break your skin. That’s the moment I cringe. You should think with all the piercings I have, the idea of medical staples shouldn’t scare me, but it does. I am sure the staples in no way will hurt as much as piercings do, but still it scares me. Maybe it’s because I know it’s a pain that I will have to endure over and over again. With piercings, it’s either once or twice you feel the pain and then it’s over and done, but with staples? Depending on the pattern there might be ten, maybe twenty? The idea that I have to lie there and know the pain will come, know the staples will go through my skin… no. Just. No.

On the other hand, I can imagine that knowing the pain will come (just like you know with a spanking or caning that it will), you eventually handle the pain, and maybe even drift into a subspace kind of thing? Maybe after a couple of staples you don’t even feel the pain anymore? Maybe the anticipation turns into sexual excitement? I can imagine all of these things, and I have to say that when I think of it in this way, there is something in me that wonders if I shouldn’t at least try it once.

An image showing how to remove medical staples.Then I think about when the staples have to be removed. If I look at how its removed from paper, and how the staple moves when it’s removed, I imagine the movement of the staple in my body. Getting the staple out might hurt even more than getting it in. Once again, the thought makes me cringe…

I know my knowledge on this subject is very limited, which means I will be devouring the posts of others who write about this subject, and search for more information to see whether my fears are realistic, or whether I should give medical staples at least one try…

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4 thoughts on “Medical staples

  1. Like you Rebel, I am attracted to some of the beautiful photos and I am curious … but also scared and a little horrified when I think too much about the details.

  2. So, a few answers to your questions. I know we’re all different and have different pain thresholds but I shall give it a go. I am a real wuss, I don’t like pain and definitely don’t describe myself as a masochist. A bikini wax was incredibly painful for me.

    Onto staples. Piercings and tattoos are far more painful. Clearly that depends where is being stapled. You need to press the gun against your skin so there is pressure applied then it’s a small sharp pain which is fairly similar to an insect bite. The anticipation is where it gets you, staples are very good for mind fucking!

    As for removal, you should use the proper tool or you risk damaging or tearing. As your illustration shows the tool opens up the staple prongs so they pull straight out. It’s completely painless.

    Hope that helps convince you to give it a go *grins*.

  3. I’ve missed the boat for kink of the week, but I am very grateful for your staple removal image.
    I have stapled myself,i initially planned on just corseting one thigh, but it felt so good I did the second too. Just the last 3 staples became intense. Running around with these laced staples felt amazing too. But when it came to removal I hadn’t done my research, and was left wiggling this metal grippy stoles out of my flesh. That wasn’t what I’d anticipated, but as a masochist it wasn’t too bad.
    Unlike piercings, which are a dull throbby and invasive discomfort, staples are a light and superficial punchy pain. And the endorphin rush is… ❤️❤️❤️ If you ever find yourself in the staples situation then don’t be afraid, it’s a very pleasant sensation indeed.

    1. ohhhhh thank you for the information and update
      i think it is an amazing subject and i would love to know more
      so a BIG thank You again

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