Landmarks and Goals

The 100th prompt for Food for Thought Friday is a fact, and I want to congratulate Kilted Wookie on that. At the same time I want to say that I am sad that he is taking a step back, but delighted to hear that May More (@May_Matters) of Sex Matters, and Floss (@_floss_84) of Floss Liddell have taken over this meme.

The questions for this week simply are:

What, if any, have been your particular landmarks, either in relation to your blog or your wider life?

Do you have any future goals/landmarks you want to achieve? What are they?

Wookie has chosen his last prompt very well, because this allows us not only to look back, but also to look forward.

Landmarks of the past

image saying looking back and looking forwardOh gosh, I’ve had so many landmark events in my life, that I hardly know where to start. I have mentioned quite some of them on here before, such as my first marriage and my first divorce, as well as the second of both of those. And of course, it would be strange if I don’t mention my wedding day with Master T, which was a huge landmark event, and my marriage continues to be the one thing in my life I can’t go without. He really is the love of my life! As a mother, of course two other landmark events were the births of my children, and then of course I have a third child, which just as I came as a package deal for Master T, he was a package deal for me.

Leaving my country of birth to immigrate to my mom’s country of birth was quite a big thing to do, but also one of the best steps I have taken. This has given me the opportunity to raise my children in a safe county, and all the freedom that comes with that.

In my professional life there were a couple of landmarks too, like the day I joined the arme and four years into that, I was promoted from corporal to sergeant. Sadly, a year later I left the army (and the country), but I still look back at my five years as a soldier with a smile on my face. Currently I am a simple administrative worker, but for just short of 15 years I had been a manager and have seen my department grow from. However, I think it was even a bigger landmark event when I finally took the step back from being a manager, and admitting that ‘being the boss’ is just not my thing.

Something I also approach professionally is this blog, and running Wicked Wednesday and the Smut Marathon. I should see the day I started blogging as a landmark, but back then I never realized that it would ever get as big as it had, and get me to the most prestigious number 1 position for a sex blogger.

Of course, the saddest landmark event in my life was the passing of my mother.

I am sure there are more events I can mention, but the above definitely are the first that came to mind.

Goals for the future

There are so many things I stil want to do, but when you ask me to name them, I sort of go blank. Just like when I mentioned my landmarks and probably forgot some important ones, I will most probably forget to mention some of my goals too. Some goals that come to mind are:

  • To blog for the rest of my life: Okay, this one might be rather obvious, but seriously, I really hope I can keep on blogging until I am old and much grayer than I am now. I see myself somewhere in an old age home at the age of 80+, hammering at the keys and sharing whatever sexy stories I still have in my mind.
  • To continue with the Smut Marathon: This one goes hand in hand with the first goal, but also with continuing with Wicked Wednesday. I love doing the marathon and want to continue with it for many years to come. I know it helps writers to develop their writing, and that’s the satisfaction it gives me – I am helping others.
  • Photography: I want to develop my self photography even further, and as mentioned on this space before, sometime this year I will have my own photo studio to practice as much as I want. Our son has heard that he will get an invitation to go look at a house sometime in June, and as soon as he has moved out, I am going to transform his attic room into my photo studio, with backgrounds and studio lights and props. I will be able to practice whenever I want to, and for as long as I want to.
  • Sexy experiences: Since I think the worst of our ‘sexual dip’ lies behind us, I can start thinking about sexy experiences again, and I really hope a lot of those lie on my road before I am to the point where sex is physically not possible anymore (I hope this never happens!). These sexy experiences will not only be with others, but also with Master T, as soon we will have much more opportunity at home to do sexy and kinky things than we had in years. As said, our son is soon moving out, and our daughter is in a relationship and stays with her boyfriend every weekend, for three nights. Oh the sexy things we can do…
  • Weight loss: I have mentioned it briefly in my last #SoSS post, but seriously, it’s time to get back to healthy eating again. I have abused my body for too long. I say abuse, because carbs and sugar cause tummy cramps and bloating and nausea and still I just kept on eating them. I’m done. I am moving back to a healthy lifestyle and as before this lifestyle will help me lose weight.
  • London: Last but not least, I want to keep up traveling to London on my own every 2-3 months. I have been on 26 April, and the next trip is planned for the end of June. Of course Molly and a couple of others already know that I will be there and we will meet up and spend (part of) the day together, but there’s always room for more, so if you want to come over and have a drink with us, just let me know!

Looking back and forward

I think it’s important for us to have goals, to look forward to the things we want to do, no matter how big or small they are. All that matters is that your goals are important to you and make you feel like you have achieved something. Just as important as it is to look forward and keep your eye on your goals, it’s important to look back to see what you have achieved, and to remember where you’ve come from. Sometimes we forget what we have achieved, and remembering that, can give you renewed energy to tackle your current goals!

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4 thoughts on “Landmarks and Goals

  1. This post feels so optimistic. Which is lovely. Good wishes for all these wonderful things that you deserve. ?

  2. So many landmarks Marie . . . and so many achievements.
    Always in awe of your journey and it’s twists and turns to bring you to where you are.
    You are a joy and an inspiration always.
    Xxx – K

  3. I didn’t include any personal goals and landmarks in my own post, that just felt too epic to tackle, but many are similar to yours and I often find myself nodding along with many of your personal posts and I am very grateful for the words you share. Your goals are also a joy to see, especially as a Smut Marathon enthusiast. You are definitely one of the bloggers I look towards in terms of being inspired for my own goals and I am delighted to be sharing the reigns of a meme that you so frequently join in with. I hope myself and May can set some good topics for you to write about. Floss x

  4. Great post Marie and what great goals you have already archived. You have such a fab attitude to work and life I can not think you won’t go on achieving.
    I’m looking forward to co-hosting this meme and please if you have any suggestions for topics let us know xx

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