Double Dominance

Dom was ready for his session with two girls — Joan and Celine. The two women were friends, both submissive and wanted to be dominated together. They had never been together sexually, but weren’t opposed to it. At first Dom had his doubts, but after talking it through with the women, he agreed to the session. He knew what their limits were, and had something in mind that he thought would surprise both women.

When he entered the playroom the Celine and Joan were waiting for him, both naked.
“So, are you lusting for each other?”
There was no answer.
“Start by tongue kissing each other.”
The women turned and put their arms around each other. They started kissing, but Dom noticed that it lacked enthusiasm, even though they are doing what he ordered them. From his recliner he watched them.
“Celine, give some attention to Joan’s tits. I think she will like that.”

Without breaking their kiss, Celine’s hands dropped to Joan’s tits to caress them. Joan barely reacted to it and kept her hands almost prudishly on Celine’s body.
“Don’t you think Celine wants to be touched too, Joan?”
Obediently Joan’s hands moved to Celine’s tits. Dom allowed them a couple of minutes, waiting for them to get used to each other, before he got up and stood close to them.
“Can’t you go any deeper, Joan?” he asked.
Both ladies increased their kissing efforts. Dom noticed the four hard nipples betraying the women’s excitement.

“Lie down, Joan,” he ordered, “and you get on top of her, Celine. Sixty-nine.”
Without prompting Celine spread Joan’s labia and pushed her tongue deep inside. Joan licked Celine with less enthusiasm, and the lady on top showed her disapproval by pushing down on Joan’s mouth to urge her to lick harder. Dom watched and waited before he prodded Joan to lick harder. However, it turned out different than he expected. Celine’s intense licking has brought Joan close to an orgasm, which meant that Joan was now doing almost nothing to get Celine to an orgasm too. Dom smiled as he realized that Celine was fighting to get to an orgasm too, but with little help from Joan it was just not going to happen.

Dom’s sadistic nature surfaced. He wanted to postpone Celine’s orgasm as long as possible, seeing the wetness of her cunt and her desperate movements to get to an orgasm.
“Make Joan orgasm again, Celine,” he ordered. As long as Celine was eagerly licking Joan’s cunt, Joan’s touching of Celine’s cunt only helped to arouse her more, but not to bring her to orgasm. He could almost hear the frustration in Celine’s grunts while she licked and tongue-fucked Joan to yet another orgasm.
“Well done, Celine,” Dom praised, and Celine’s halfhearted smile told him she only moderately accepted his compliment. Even though she pushed her cunt against Joan’s mouth, there was no incentive from Joan’s side to bring Celine to an orgasm.

Despite his sadistic thoughts, Dom almost felt sorry for Celine. She was so eager and up to now there was nothing in this session for her. He decided to take it up a notch.

“Do the ladies want a reward?”
He didn’t wait for an answer.
“I believe they do. The one who climaxes last, will get a reward. Get started…”

Celine desperately wanted to come, and for her to stop her climax was more difficult than for Joan, who already orgasmed twice. However, she knew that is she came, there would be no reward. Where Joan was a bit reluctant to lick Celine’s cunt, she now eagerly licked and fingered the cunt above her face. Celine fought hard against the orgasm, but her need for one was stronger. She climaxed.

Dom moved in behind Celine and pushed deep into her cunt, his balls dangling just above Joan’s face. He fucked Celine hard and just before he climaxed, he pulled out, pulled the condom off and spurted his semen against her bottom and cunt.
“Your reward is on it’s way, Joan,” he said, “don’t waist a drop.”
Both women imagined the reward to be something different, but even so Joan obediently licked up and swallowed every drop of Dom’s come.

He sat down in his recliner again, and after watching the two women for some time and no orgasms happening anymore, he picked up a crop and walked towards them. With well-directed slaps to their bottoms he spurred them on to make each other climax once more. After each of them had one more orgasm, he told them that two more should follow for each before they are allowed to stop. All the while he walked around them with the crop, spurring them on, but also distracting them from their tasks with the sharp pain of the crop. By the time that they had fulfilled his wishes, he told them to get up, and kiss each other like they did in the beginning of the session. Both women were tired after a session that lasted almost two hours.

“You both did well,” he said as he hugged each of them and thanked them for the session. With a kiss on the cheek to each of them, he sent them off to the bathroom to clean up and then present their clean bodies to him afterwards.
“Yes Sir,” they said in choir before they turned around and disappeared into the bathroom.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. This is the kind of thing that wouldn’t work for me in person but I love to read about it! So hot.

  2. I love how realistic this is. They didn’t fall on top of each other like porn stars for the camera. There was reluctance and uneven enthusiasm until later. That reads very real to me which makes it an even better scene.

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