Fucking Celebrities

I have never really had a crush on any famous person or persons. In my younger years I enjoyed the music of ABBA a lot, but also that of other singers. I watched movies and really liked Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but not so much in other movies. There were other actors – male and female – I liked too. I never had posters of any celebrities decorating the walls if my bedroom the way others had. I never had a crush on any famous person, or fantasized about sex with them.

That sounds very boring, right? But, is it boring? Obviously I asked myself the question why it is that I never fantasized about having sex with celebrities.

I think it all comes down to one thing: for me to be excited by someone, to have sexual thoughts about someone, I have to know the person. Not know in the way that I know what makes them tick, but for my fantasies I need to have had some kind of real life interaction with the person. It’s not that I would call myself a realist, but for my fantasies to excite me there has to be some kind of reality in them. And that reality starts by having had at least one real life intervention with the the person in question.

My fantasies are rarely ever a series of imagined actions. Many times they’re just ‘questions’ on my side… how would it be if… what if (s)he… what if I do this or that to him/her…

Even though not detailed, those fantasies can definitely get me off. They are enough to make my hands feel like that of the person I have in mind. Having said that, sometimes my fantasies help me to drift off to sleep. Then I turn over to go to sleep and I deliberately think of sexy things, and drift off thinking about nice things being done to me.

My fantasies are not always about ‘other’ people. Very frequently they are about Master T. About things I would love him to do to me… about how I want him to hurt me… to touch me… to fuck me… I fantasize about the things I want him to do to me without me having to say I crave them….

So, to get back to the original question of this weeks Food for Thought Friday, who would I do? Only people I know after a face to face meeting, even if I only know them a little bit. I don’t have a list. When I meet someone, I know I like them or I know I don’t. It’s only after getting to know people better that I might have the thought that I want to have sex with them.

I think I have pretty much answered the questions asked except for one: At the other end of the scale, is there anyone in your sexual past who’s name you didn’t know, or that you now can’t remember?

I always knew the names of the people I had sex with. But, there are people whom I have had sex with before and for the love of it, I just can’t remember their names anymore. Sometimes I sit, thinking back at periods in my life – university, the army – and I know there was someone, and can almost see their faces, but I can’t recall their names. I guess they just made less of an impression than I thought back then, or my memory is just bad. However, I seem to always remember the sex part!

So, to summarize… there are no famous people I would like to do, and neither are there other people with whom I would just jump in bed. No, I just need a bit more before my lust is awakened…

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5 thoughts on “Fucking Celebrities

  1. I do at times, I suppose if I equate the person with a particular character I like. Then knowing in fact they aren’t that person. So I guess more fantasies about the character.

  2. There are a few I crushed on as a teenager. Brad Pitt was mine for the longest time. I don’t know if I fantasized about acts in particular just about being with them in general.

  3. Wonderfully put Marie . . . and although I’ve always had (some quite wild) sexual fantasies . . . it is, as you say, that “real life interaction” that really gets one going.

    Lovely post as always!!!

    Xxx – K

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