No Big Deal (2)

Continued from… No Big Deal (1)

Rick didn’t seem to be put off by anything when he licked me. In fact, under the ministrations of his tongue I finally relaxed enough to enjoy it. It tingled all through my body and seemed to build up to something bigger, but before it could reach a crescendo, Rick stopped. He moved up between my legs and pushed his crotch against mine. I thought something moved inside me, but it was only when Rick moved his hips to push in and out that I understood he was fucking me. His cock was thin and frankly, a disappointment, but tightening my vaginal muscles made it a bit better. He didn’t climax in me and afterwards rolled over and went to sleep.

The four nights that followed were the same. During the day Rick was all business, but there was always time for a smile or a wink or even a pat on my bottom. Then, after dinner and when everyone retreated to their beds for a night’s rest, he pulled me with him to his bedroom. Even after all these years the things that really stand out from that experience is that he made me feel so special and my disappointment at how thin his cock was. I even remember the remark he made: “It might be thin, but it’s how I use it that’s important.”

During that week of traveling down to the south of the country and visiting orphanages, Rick told us that there would be a party on Saturday night to celebrate the end of our journeys. Trip leaders and students who took different routes will join us in the mansion at the sea and on Sunday we would start the journey back home.

We arrived at the mansion at dusk on the Saturday. Lights were on everywhere and from where we parked in the street, looking up to the house and the huge garden in front of it was overwhelming. There were people everywhere. Rick jumped out of the car and told us to find ourselves a place to sleep. There were enough rooms in the mansion for everyone, but we would have to share rooms. As the others gathered their stuff and walked up the slope towards the mansion, Rick held me back.
“You can sleep in the bus,” he said and got back in the bus to lower the bunks and make a bed inside. I understood: he would join me that night.

Rick disappeared into the crowds. I tried to mingle, but without Rick at my side I was back to my shy nature, not knowing what to say to people or how to interact with them. I had a couple of drinks, ate some and tried to find Rick. Eventually, I found him. He had his arm around a beautiful woman and even though he saw me, he ignored me. No winks. No smiles. I watched as they hugged and laughed, kissed and cuddled. Soon I learned that she was his girlfriend. She was the leader of one of the other groups. I couldn’t believe I have never heard about his girlfriend. I had never even stopped to think he might have a girlfriend. During the trip he treated me like I was special, special enough to start a relationship with, but I was nothing more than a willing cunt. Oh how he must have enjoyed not having to make any effort to fuck me and how stupid I was not to think he might have a girlfriend!

“They’re so happy,” a man said next to me. I recognized Andy from back in the student house where Rick lived. Andy was Rick’s best friend, but always stood in Rick’s shadow. Rick had a way of stealing the show, but Andy didn’t seem to mind. They were best buddies, studied together and also did these charity trips together, each as a group leader. I chit-chatted to Andy, accepted a drink from him and later, with the excuse that I had to go to the bathroom, I left him in the mansion.

I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself, so slowly made my way down the slope to the bus. All I wanted was for it to be Sunday so we could go back home. Suddenly I longed to be with my daughter and my mom, back in my safe haven, and to forget about this trip. I locked the bus door, pulled the blankets over my head and tried to block out the laughter and the music coming from the gardens and the mansion.

The scratching of a key in the lock of the side door woke me. Stupidly enough, a pang of happiness ran through me, thinking that Rick came to me after all. Happiness changed to disbelief when I realized the silhouette that was entering the bus, wasn’t Rick’s.
“Shhh, Rick gave me the key,” Andy said.
“Why wou…”
“He said you’re in for anything.”
Shame filled my heart. It was as if I could read their thoughts. I’m only nineteen but I have a child and every night this week I had sex with Rick, so I must be an easy girl.

To be continued… No Big Deal (3)

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  1. Damnit Rick!!!

    Damnit Marie, now I have to go back and read part 1 🙂

    Great story, but then again, I’m up for anything, and pretty sure I’m always a willing participant.

    Looking forward to part 3.

  2. Oh, sigh. What a place to leave us hanging for the next part. I agree with Molly and Jupiter about Rick.

    Also, this line: “I had never even stopped to think he might have a girlfriend.” TOTALLY been there!

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