Afternoon Delight

I’d been at the beach, trying to tan my pale porcelain skin. My dream was to have a milk-chocolate tan, but I always ended up looking like a lobster. In my phone in one hand, I was looking up BDSM singles sites, with hopes of feeding my curiosity. Did I ever try BDSM before? No, but recently, something inside me was saying that I was missing out. I felt my skin sizzle, and I knew if I didn’t leave the beach now, I’d pay for it later. I slipped my shirt on, rolled up my towel, and walked home, thinking of ways to find someone who’ll satisfy my urges.

It was a hot day, one of the days where the number of showers you take doesn’t matter – you were always going to be wet. Patting my forehead dry, I walked by a fruit stand where I saw a ripe, green watermelon seduce me. When it’s that hot, you’d be surprised what arouses you. I handed the old bearded man a couple of dollars and grabbed the juicy watermelon, carrying it like a baby all the way home.

In front of my house, there was construction taking place. Some pipe blew up, I didn’t know, but what I did notice were the five hot, shirtless men drilling into the ground. I made eye contact with one of them. He had short dirty blonde hair, and the eyes your mother told you to stay away from. But I didn’t want to listen to my mom this time. Looking at me, he puts down his drill, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“Hey, you need help carrying that upstairs?” he said, as he pointed to the watermelon.
“Oh,” as I blushed, “uh, yeah, that would be great.”
He gently grabbed the watermelon from my hands, smiled, and followed me up to my apartment. I could feel his eyes watching my ass with each step I took. My pussy became wet. I unlocked the front door and told him to leave the watermelon on the kitchen table. Without saying a word, he put the watermelon down, and walked up to me, his lips inches away from mine.
“Anything else I can help you with?” he softly said as his fingers gently rubbed against my pussy.
I tilted my head back slightly, “I’ve been a bad girl.” I hesitated for a moment, waiting for his reply. Should I have said that? Oh no, what is he going to say…
“Oh, you have?” as he licked my neck, “and what do we do with bad girls?”
“You…you punish them,” as my pussy juice soaked through my bottoms.
“Do you want to be punished you little slut?”
I moaned, “yes.” Is this happening? What do I do now?
His lips inched their way to my ear as he whispered firmly, “go to the couch and get on all fours.”

I went to the couch and went on my hands and knees. I didn’t know what to expect, I mean, I didn’t even know the guy. But with those tasty blue eyes, how could I resist? He came from behind and dropped his pants. His warm hands gently rubbed my ass, “do you want my big dick?”
“Yes,” I whined, turning my head to the side to get a look at his cock. Wow, he’s fucking hung.
“I knew you wanted to fuck me the minute you saw me,” he said as he spanked my ass. I moaned and mumbled, “yes, I wanted you to fuck me.”
He covered my mouth with his hand, “did I tell you to speak?” he spanked me again, a little harder than the last time. I could feel my ass cheek tingle with delight.
I moaned a little bit louder, “oh you liked that?” he said. I choked on my words, “y-y-yes.”
“Did I tell you,” he spanked me again, “to speak?” I could feel my juice dripping down my inner thighs, each time his hand touched my ass. He slipped two fingers into my pussy, feeling the wetness, and pulled them out, rubbing his wet fingers on his cock. He slid his dick in my pussy slowly, coating it in a layer of my juice. We both moaned together quietly, oh my god, it feels amazing.

With each thrust, my pussy tightened, hugging his cock. Just as I was about to release a moan, he pulled his cock out, spread my cheeks with his hands and started eating my pussy. I cried, letting out an “oh my god.” He stopped, “you really want to be punished, don’t you?” His hand slapped my ass even harder, my body clenching. “Oh that one is going to leave a mark,” he said through a devious smile. The tip of his dick started to enter inside of me when suddenly, we heard a voice calling out below.
“Mark!” the man yelled, “Mark, get your ass back down here!”

He gave me one hard thrust and quickly rolled up his pants. I looked at him shocked, “wait, where are you going?”
“I have to get back to work,” he said in a rush. “My boss is going to kill me.”
“But, we didn’t finish,” I said anxiously as my pussy throbbed from delight.
He started walking to the front door, “you said you wanted to be punished.” He winked at me and closed the door behind him.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. What are the odds of finding just the thing to quench your thirst on a hot summer day? As soon as the directives came, the submissive in me just smiled.

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