If Wishes Were Horses…

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,
If turnips were watches, I’d wear one by my side.
If “ifs” and “and’s” were pots and pans,
There’d be no work for tinkers’ hands.

I remember a more brutal saying my father used to use when we started a sentence with “I wish…” That was (and I apologize beforehand): “Shit in one hand, a wish in the other. See what weighs the most.”

So… wishes.

Even though I know that we don’t always get what we wish for, I am the same as everyone else: I have my wishes. If I found a genie who granted only sexual wishes, and (s)he granted me three, I definitely know what I want…

Unlimited words and images

This might not immediately be seen as sexual, but to me it is, because it’s connected to what I have come to see as my second job. Actually, I shouldn’t see it like that. With all the time and effort and passion I put into my blogs and our beautiful sex community, this ‘job’ has become much more important to me than the one that pays my salary. I love creating words and images and at the end of every day I hate that I have to go to bed and to the office the next. I hate it when the weekend is over. I hate that I don’t have enough time to create all the words and images that I want to.

A tiny part of my wish will be granted this year still when our son moves out and I will change the attic into my photo studio. This means that having a solo photoshoot will take up a lot less time than it currently does, simply because I wouldn’t have to put up all the gear and take it down again afterwards. I hope that between now and maybe three years I can cut back to three days of working for my boss, opposed to the four long ones I do now. Currently I work 34 hours, and I want to cut back to 24.

This is one of those wishes where I can help the genie a bit to fulfill it.

Bisexual relationship

This might seem like another wish where I can help the genie, but believe me, I have tried hard over the years and up to now have not succeeded.

I would love to be in a relationship with a woman.

Not the same kind of relationship that I have with Master T, but a relationship where we are in (almost) daily contact, where there is love, and that when we are together, there are kisses and hugs and yes, sex too. I don’t want to claim the woman and I wouldn’t want to be claimed by her either.

During the past years there were women. Dena and Sophia for instance. Sophia is not bisexual and, as far as I remember she has said that I am the only woman she has ever been with or wanted to be with. But, it’s not a relationship. We are not in love. I adore her, and love to be with her and call her ‘my Sophia’, but know it will never blossom to a real relationship. We see each other roughly every two months and never talk between those times.

There is another tiny snag here, as we have one ground rule and that is that we are always together. However, if I pursue a relationship with a woman I would want to be alone with her, and I don’t know whether Master T will approve. I can also imagine that when a woman is in a relationship with me, she wouldn’t want him there. Not all the time…

I am not actively looking for a relationship with a woman, but I would really love to be in one.

An active sex life

You might have seen this one coming.

I really want our active sex life back. Sex at least once a week but preferably twice. Or more. No wait, I shouldn’t be greedy, right?

I miss what we had. As said many times before, I am not complaining. I totally understand that Master T is in constant pain and that sex is not one of his priorities. I am okay with that.

But, I miss it.

I miss the times when we has sex several nights in a row. Miss when he had me so tired that I slept hours longer than he did. Miss that my cunt still throbbed the next day. Miss smelling his semen leaking from my pussy.

I miss sex.

I miss OUR sex.

Maybe what I should ask the genie isn’t to give me an active sex life, but to heal Master T’s leg, because then everything will be better again…

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6 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Horses…

  1. I understand how it is when health concerns take over your life, Marie … and either erase the desire for sex or so wear you out, one or neither of you feel like it. We’ve been through a couple of episodes in the past few years. I was so relieved and grateful when Frank was able to return to his ‘normal’ self.

    I hope your man finds the healing he needs and you both can get back to the loving you so miss … nj … xx

  2. I can relate to all of these! I too would rather spend more time with my blog and writing than my day job and sometimes find myself resenting having to go to bed or get up to go to work. And a truly happy bisexual relationship, separate from my marriage would be quite satisfying! Now that Mr. D is taking hormone replacement therapy, our sex life is starting to slowly come back, and I wish yours could too. So I wish you the best with all your wishes!

    1. I am really curious about the HRT Mr D is taking, and think I might have missed something. Will have to go to your blog to find it 🙂

  3. Ooh – I am excited for you having a photo studio! (Though it may be a bittersweet feeling, too.)

    And the relationship you describe wanting with a woman sounds so romantic to me. I hope it finds you someday. ?

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