Tortured Nipples

After the harsh spanking session Celine had gone through, Dom was surprised when she contacted him with another request for a hard session. He had invited her for a drink to talk the session through and once he was clear on what she wanted; what she desired, they made an appointment for the actual session to happen. Nowadays Celine was in a relationship with someone who was not in the scene, and the session she had requested would leave her with no marks, as there would be no way for her to explain any marks.

Today was the day of the session, and as Dom walked into the room, Celine was naked already.
“Play with your nipples,” the told her, “I want them hard!”
Meekly she obeyed. Waiting for her to get her nipples hard, Dom slipped his hand between her legs. It was pure curiosity on his side, and he found her not overly wet, but certainly not dry anymore.

As soon as her nipples were hard enough for what he had in mind, he attached a long, thin piece of string to each nipple. Both strings were pulled over the rod on which the tackle was secured. The ends of the strings now hung at the height of her breasts. At the ends of each of the pieces of strings, Dom had tied a hook. A hook on which he could hang weights.

Dom put leather cuffs on each of Celine’s wrists and clip them together behind her back. Slowly he started hanging weights on the strings. Celine’s nipples were pulled up; she threw her head back and closed her eyes. Dom steadily added weights until he reached three kilograms on each hook. Celine huffed and puffed. Her nipples were nicely stretched out, straining on the string.

Dom stood back, waiting for Celine to calm down, and enjoying the scene in front of him. After several minutes he stepped back, and carefully applied more weight. Pain now traveled through Celine’s entire body. She clamped down her jaw, sighed and moved.

At four kilograms the first cries of pain became audible. Dom kept on adding weight and every now and then there was an elongated cry of pain when he added a weight. He stepped closer to Celine when both nipples carried five kilograms.

“Are you afraid your nipples might come off,” he teased.
Celine carefully looked at her nipples, which were stretched out almost to their limit. Her breathing quickened and tears welled up in her eyes.
“We both know that you can handle more than six, right?”
Celine then knew that at least one kilogram will be added on each side. This prospect made her restless. She moved some, but the weights started moving and that increased the pain. Again Dom added more weight. Celine now occasionally cried out in pain when it got too much.

At six kilograms the pain was almost unbearable, even though both Dom and Celine knew she could handle more. For several minutes he just waited, watching the woman fighting her pain; listening to her screams and shrieks and noticing how she calmed down, tried to stand still and looked at him, wondering whether he would add more weight.

Something in her eyes made Dom move in behind her. He unzipped his pants and carefully pushed his rock-hard erection into her wet cunt. The pushing was slow, as he didn’t want her to beg for mercy if the pain gets too much. He pulled out and carefully pushed in again. It took less than ten seconds before Celine’s body started shocking and an enormous orgasm rushed through her body. Dom pulled out and allowed the orgasm to do its work. Celine cried and screamed and roared. Dom watched her for several moments longer before he took the weights off.

She was not capable of standing on her legs anymore; sagged down to the floor, on her knees. Dom removed the pieces of string, which caused more crying. Tears ran down her cheeks. Once again, Dom moved in behind her, and with her hands still cuffed behind her back he pushed her forward, and this time when he entered her, he fucked her hard. Soon she was overwhelmed by another orgasm, and Dom followed soon after that.

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4 thoughts on “Tortured Nipples

  1. Lordy – this was hot to read.

    I’m not sure I could endure this, I am unable to withstand much in the way of clamping and have never tried weights, but the scene as a fantasy was a very sexy one – well done in such a short wordcount.

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