Challenges & Tips #SoSS #72

It seems spring has finally sprung and just like other years, this is the time for people to take on new challenges, or re-do challenges they have done last year, and the year before, and… you get the picture. The alphabet is a popular thing this month, and having orgasms is too. Just follow the links below to find some hotness, and information and fun!

This year I have decided that one challenge is enough, simply because I couldn’t come up with something unique for the A to Z Challenge. Now you can guess which of the challenges I am participating in!

Without further ado, and for me to get on to some Smut Marathon work, let me share all the hotness I have found this week…

Sexy writing

The first challenge — which is not really a challenge — of this month that I want to bring to your attention is the #30DayOrgasmChallenge hosted by Tabitha Rayne. On this page you can read the posts of the people participating in this activity (said with a wink).

The second challenge, which I have decided not to do it this year, is the A to Z Blogging Challenge. However, quite a number of other bloggers are doing it. Please go read their A. B, C posts, as each of them has a different theme, and there are lovely posts to read!

  • May More — theme: A fun thing – A Sexy thing – and a featured blogger
  • Submissy — theme: Submissive Training Journal
  • Mrs. Fever — theme: Sexy, silly, sartorial; foodie, photographic, filial, and just plain FUN
  • Sweetgirl — various A to Z
  • Master’s Pleasing Bitch — theme: “This year I am going to theme my entries around my blog itself.”
  • Cara Thereon — theme: A to Z
  • Scandarella — theme: playlists (songs off her own playlist and writing a piece of filth loosely based on it.
  • His Lordship — writing a A-Z post in only 20 minutes
  • thebarefootsub — various A to Z
  • Sex blog of sorts — stories about different women
  • SassyCat — various A to Z
  • Jade Melisande — theme: gratitude

Hot images

I have only been suspended in rope once, and it was a brilliant, liberating feeling. Futo Suspension is an image by bluesubmission. I was in awe when I saw it, and wanted to be suspended again!

It’s wonderful when an image tells a story, and I think it’s equally wonderful when a story makes people want to write a story, just like Kisungura’s Sinful Sunday image, Swirl, did!

I just love the second image in Floss’ post, Flowers In Bloom. It feels like this is all about spring and love!

Little Switch Bitch’s beautiful skin is perfect in her Boobday image of this week!


Prompts are a great way to inspire you to write a new post, and you can also combine two prompts (or three) if you want.

These are the ones currently running:

Meme Prompt Date(s) to link
Masturbation Monday Week 240 (Little Switch Bitch) 5 to 9 April 2019
Wicked Wednesday Prompt #358: Mental Health 6 to 11 April 2019
Food for Thought Friday #93: The Good, The Bad And The Indifferent 5 to 11 April 2019
Friday Flash No. 47: Directions 31 March to 7 April
#FantasySmutFriday Week 21: One late night at the office 5 to 12 April 2019
Sinful Sunday Letter G 7 April 2019
Kink of the week Mirrors 1 – 16 April 2019
Tell Me About… #5: Safewords 31 March to 13 April 2019
Erotic Journal Challenge Prrompt #12: Sexy 30 March to 7 April 2019
Sex Blogger for Mental Health Week 12: Alcohol Awareness 1 – 7 April 2019
Elust #117 Elust submissions September 1 to 8 April 2019

Prompt 357 for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Tantrum’ for which 33 posts were linked. The top 3 was done by Kisungura and she chose:

More memes — also those without prompts — can be found here ( And, did you know that it’s perfectly okay to combine memes? Just make sure you have the buttons of those you link to in your post!


The third round of the Smut Marathon 2019 is done. Yesterday was the last day for voting, and tomorrow the results will be published on the site. This was not an elimination round, which means we will see all writers back in round four! Thank you to all who have voted, and remember to visit the site tomorrow for the results of round three!

Tips & tricks

If you identify as dominant or submissive, and you want to explore that more, or even if you are only interested in BDSM and don’t know whether it’s really a journey you want to embark on, the Loving BDSM program, Gain a Better Understanding of What You Want and Need in Your D/s Relationship is for you. Sign up, and work through the program at your own pace. I have, and I will.

Charlie Powell came up with a brilliant idea, and now The erotic swap shop is open for business. Hop over to her site to see what this is all about, and start writing and swapping!

Last but not least

April is a busy month for me. This weekend we have several appointments to go to, taking us out of the house every day. Next weekend we also have to leave the house several time, but… then… Easter weekend. We have n-o-t-h-i-n-g planned. Nothing. I want to catch up on some writing then, because I have so much to share with you. And then, the weekend after that… no, I am keeping that to myself for now, but it’s going to be BRILLIANT!

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