Shining in the Dark

It’s not what you have on the outside that glitters in light, it’s what you have on the inside that shines in the dark.
~ Anthony Liccione

When I took the photo for last week’s prompt, I also took a couple of more that I want to share in the coming weeks. I love seeing my jewelry on photos, and this photo is no exception. The way the ‘hardware’ is nestled between my soft labia is something that still excites me, not only when I see it, but also when I occasionally ‘notice’ them during the day.

An up close and personal image of m y pussy, showing my five piercings
They really do shine in the dark!

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16 thoughts on “Shining in the Dark

  1. I love your comment about “noticing them during the day.” I have read many accounts from women who eventually abandoned labial piercings because of pinching or other “surprise sensations” during normal activities. We are all different, and I can understand that because of individual anatomy and discomfort threshold, the pinching or twisting could be unpleasant for some, so I don’t fault anyone who decides to abandon them due to discomfort.

    I feel lucky that the sensations I feel do not exceed my comfort threshold. I am like you, in that I welcome these little surprises during the day. They remind me of a part of me that I love, and that I am a sexual person, even in non-sexual situations. I actually love the fact that my modifications (fairly heavy tattooing and a dozen or so piercings) imposed some limitations on me. I like knowing that I need to think a bit about how I sit down because of my rings, I like having to select my daily outfit to cover my tattoos if that day’s work situation requires it. Occasionally (rarely) parts of my tattoo will raise up, or get itchy. I actually like that. I like that I have changed the way my body interacts with the environment, and that I have to pay attention to my body in a different way than I did before I was modified. It reminds me that I am different, and that by choosing to modify my body, I have gone down a path that most others would not follow. I don’t want to forget that, I want to be reminded as often as possible, whether it is the odd pinch from my labia piercings, the bump of a nipple piercing when picking up a large box, the careful selection of clothing to cover (or display) my tattoos, or my half sleeve tattoo peeking out of the sleeve of my top in a meeting. They all remind me that I am me.

  2. So beautiful, Marie! It makes me pine for my piercings again. All I have left are three – two labia and my fourchette.

  3. I love this photo. Love the idea of becoming aware of them during the day…and of it being a secret from most of the rest of the world. Beautiful.

    1. I am rather liking this idea of you being captivated by my ‘bits’ 😉 xox

  4. I love how simple this composition is, but how much deeper the image really is in terms of wonderful secrets and pleasure. If anyone would inspire me to pierce there it would be you! Gorgeous golden glimpses! x

  5. This is a great shot and it makes me wonder what it would feel like to have such piercings. I don’t think it is something I will do but I do like to think about it. missy x

  6. Such a well done sexy shot! I remember loving my labia piercings before I had to remove them. Something about knowing they’re there when no one else does is like a naughty secret.

  7. It’s difficult to say what’s more horny – the idea of feeling the rings during the day, the thought of getting to play with them, or the photo. Of course, it could just be me now.

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