Sexy Is The Word

sexyAs I start writing this, on a glorious sunny spring-like day in the middle of winter, just two days before my birthday, I am feeling sexy.

Or, is that horny?

No, to me this is sexy and the fact that it also makes me feel horny is a bonus. This morning when I got dressed, I opted to go knickerless. That in itself helps me to be aware of myself all day, but the fact that I am also wearing crotchless tights has more than doubled the sexy feeling. I can’t remember the last time I have been wet for an entire day!

Clothes can definitely make me feel sexy. Not all clothes though, and sometimes it even happens that the same dress can make me feel sexy the one time I wear it, but not the next time. It’s not all about what I’m wearing, but also about my mood; how I feel. Obviously, a positive mood will be able to see the sexiness a lot better than when I’m gloomy.

Sometimes, combining a dress I would also wear to work with net tights, will have me walk around with the confidence of knowing I am a sexy being. Wearing the same dress to work with practical tights doesn’t call up any sexy feelings. Then it’s only business. But, it can also happen that I wear that dress, the practical tights and shoes and still feel sexy.

It’s not always the clothes I wear, but it definitely always is the mood I am in.

What mostly adds to the sexy feeling is that I hide the things that make me feel sexy under my clothes. Like today, where I am constantly aware of my naked cunt as I walk in the shops or get in and out of the car. There’s no one who can see it, but it feels like everyone knows it. That is something that adds to the sexy feeling. Wearing net tights is visible to everyone and then I like to watch the reactions of people around me, as our conservative little town is not used to that. It’s not always good to watch those reactions, because sometimes they are downright negative and that can annoy me so much that all sexiness instantly disappears.

Another way for me to feel sexy and the one I might be using the most is cleavage. Way back in the past to achieve this I would have worn a quarter cup bra, but I don’t even own one anymore for as far as I know. I have a modest B cup and have one maximizer bra which gives me the most wonderful cleavage. Of course I then combine it with a dress with a lower cut. Actually not even that low cut, but low enough to show something.

Writing this has made me come to a conclusion: it’s a combination of clothes AND my mind that I need to feel sexy. One just can’t be with the other. And… then there’s one more thing that enhances the sexiness… drawing Master T’s attention to it. If I have a cleavage showing, I show him. If I am wearing net tights, I twirl in front of him, showing him my legs.

And today? I told him I am wearing Pretty Polly tights and he knew exactly what I meant…

So clothes, my mind, AND Master T knowing is what I need to feel sexy.

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5 thoughts on “Sexy Is The Word

  1. 🙂 I started to follow you at Instagram now for a few days and although the focus is often limited to your cleavage (I like that very much) I always see a sexy lady (when I complete the pictre in my mind).

  2. I agree that being aware of something (like not wearing underwear, or wearing a button plug) and feeling as if the whole world knows can definitely intensify a feeling of sexiness. For me, it is similar…it is a combo of my mood or state of being, my appearance, and Mr. D’S perception.

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