London, Baby!

In my #SoSS post yesterday, I finally revealed what my weekend plans were, something I had been hinting at for a couple of weeks. On Friday afternoon, while typing away like a mad woman to get my #SoSS post ready for publication during my absence, as well as the new Wicked Wednesday prompt (please link your posts, whether you follow the prompt or not) and the fourth voting round of the Smut Marathon (which will open later today – go read and vote), I had this brilliant idea for a Sinful Sunday image. The moment I was alone in the room, I did what I had to do and there it was, the perfect London-themed image!

my breast and nipple with a sticker of a London bus on it
Journal stickers aren’t only for journals, right?

The thread of my London trip can be found here:

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Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “London, Baby!

  1. I LOVE it and we even found you your very own London bus too. I had the best day and I am so happy you came…. sorry about the leg ache afterwards though


  2. This is fantastic Marie. It works really well and I love that you are off having fun as I am seeing it and reading your post. missy x

  3. I think you should full-on really get that tattoo…it’s adorable! And congrats on the me-time. If should ever want a 10 hour plane trip and some down time in the Pacific Northwest, let me know. I know someone who could hook you up 🙂

    1. Of course now I am thinking of getting the tattoo ?
      And watch out, one day I might just take up that someone on the offer ?

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