Little Anna

Anna was a frequent visitor of Dom’s Place, but Dom had never had a conversation with her. She mostly had sessions with other dominant men and women, but she and Dom had never had a conversation, even though Dom had noticed the girl at the bar a couple of times before. Tonight she seemed to want more than only a smile and a ‘hello’. Dom sat down next to the beautiful blond girl — Dom could never think of her as a woman, because of the way she carried herself — and he offered her a drink. The engaged in light conversation about everyday things, but it didn’t take long before Anna asked: “Will it be possible to book a session with you?”

Following his own rules, Dom negotiated the session with Anna. He had to know what she expected of a session, what her boundaries were, and wanted to know whether it was within his own boundaries too. As they talked, he realized he liked little Anna, and a little she was.

A week later Anna was in the bar again. Just like their previous meeting, Dom sat down next to her and offered her a drink.
“Are you on holiday with your parents?” he asked Anna, who nodded shyly.
“How old are you?”
“I’m 22,” Anna answered, and then blurted out: “I know, I’m old enough to go on holiday without my parents, but they insisted for me to join them and they paid the hotel for me.”
Dom nodded, and his eyes followed the lines of Anna’s body. The tiny white bikini fitted perfectly and the top was just big enough to cover her small breasts.

Dom finished his drink and stood up. He took a step, then turned back to Anna.
“Care to join me in my room?” he asked.
Anna eagerly nodded her head, and followed.

Anna stopped just inside the room and hesitated. Dom closed the door behind them, undressed and lay down on the bed. A slight smile from Anna, and then she took off her white bikini. Her body was beautiful, and small teardrop tits made it even more so. Without any direction, Anna took Dom in her mouth and started sucking to get him hard. Dom reached for her hanging breasts, squeezed them some and then moved his attention to between her legs. He softly ran his finger through her slit towards her asshole, waiting for her reaction. She didn’t react at all, but just kept on sucking him. Dipping a different finger in her cunt, her noticed how wet she now was. Despite her shy composure, and playing the ‘innocent’ girl, her body betrayed her lust.

Dom spread some of her own wetness to her darker opening and ran circles around it. Anna relaxed into the sensations, spreading her legs a fraction more. It didn’t take long before her muscles relaxed enough for Dom to push a finger inside. Once again, Anna didn’t react. Dom started finger-fucking her ass; quicker and quicker. He pushed a different finger into her cunt, and fucked both at the same time. Not a sound from Anna, even though she got wetter.

With a light tap on her bottom, Dom indicated that he wanted to change positions.
“On your knees,” Dom said when Anna wanted to lie down on her back.
“Do you prefer that?” she asked.

Dom easily pushed into Anna, but there was no reaction from her, not even when he pushed her shoulders down, opening her up more so he could push in deeper. With her shoulders not touching the bed, Dom watched as her tits swing free below her. He reached for her clitoris, and the moment he started rubbing, Anna rocked her body to fuck his dick. Dom stopped her, wanting the fucking to last longer. It didn’t take long for Anna to reach her climax.

Steadying himself with his hands on her bottom, Dom entered Anna’s ass — slow and determined. In the mirror he saw the pain on her face. Her fists clenched the sheets. Anna tried to push her body up, but Dom pushed her down again. He loved the sight of her swinging breasts as he used her body; used her for his own benefit, the way she had requested him to. Dom was in top form and increasing his pace, he kept his eyes on the mirror, enjoying the sight. His cock swelled inside her, and as a flash of pain crossed Anna’s face, he climaxed inside the protective sheath.

Dom rolled off Anna and for a moment she stayed on the bed next to him. He admired her beautiful body, and continued to do so when she got up and put on her bikini again.
“That was good. You are good,” he said as he approached her, still naked.
“Thank you,” Anna said, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him, “Thank you.”

Dom watched as she left the room, and the moment the door closed behind her, he stepped under the shower, smiling at the simple but satisfying session little Anna had requested.

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